I really got it together for Mother’s Day this year.  Seems like every year I’m sitting here on Friday thinking, “Grrrr….It’s too late to send anything.  I’m going to have to go shopping for Mom and spend Mother’s Day driving a couple of hours to deliver her gift.”  This year, I ordered candy and flowers!  Ordered them almost a week ago and I’ve been patting myself on the back and thinking how nice it is to have that taken care of.  I asked for them to be delivered on Friday so there wouldn’t be any problem with getting them on time.  Then little sister called me yesterday evening and said, “Oh, just thought I’d let you know that Mom and I are in New Orleans and we’ll be here for at least a couple of weeks.”  Damn!  I had to call the florist but it was too late to cancel the order.  I had to order another arrangement to be sent to New Orleans and the original arrangement will be delivered to Mom’s empty house tomorrow.  Grrrrr……

Tonight is Steven’s ring ceremony.  He’s so excited!  We’re going out to dinner to celebrate.

Yeah, Brandi, my posting times are different.  I used to use youngest DGS’s laptop to post each morning but he’s having trouble with it.  The other GS is so territorial with his that he practically sleeps with his laptop under his pillow and the main computer is in the guest room where DS is now living (and sleeping each morning).  So…unless I happen to bring my work laptop home with me, there isn’t one available in the mornings.

Still thinking about SBD but the days are flying by in a blur.  Seems like that always happens this close to the end of the year.


brseay says 6th May @ 21:11

Enjoy the ring ceremony and dinner, sounds like a special time.

So frustrating about your mom not being where you thought she’d be, but you solved the problem. Hopefully you can enjoy Mother’s Day 🙂

round says 10th May @ 13:48

I failed at mother’s day this year, but don’t have a good story like you do.

how are you doing? Still thinking about SBD?

brseay says 11th May @ 20:38

Hey Patty, are you out there??? I’m hoping you’re just busy but drop us a line to let us know everything is ok. I have visions of you sitting in a jail cell from scratching out DIL’s eyeballs 🙂

round says 12th May @ 3:41

Hi Patty, hope you’re doing okay – you’re much quieter than usual. Maybe it’s the end of the year stuff – I remember from past years this was a crazy time for you, but hope you come back soon!

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