Taking Stock

I’m fully recovered today.  Came home from work Friday and took a 2 hour nap.  Something I never do.  Slept 9 hours Friday night.  Slept 9 hours last night.  This morning, all the aches and pains are gone.  My ankle is back to “normal” (whatever that is…) and I feel like I’m ready to tackle things again.

Looking ahead…I have all next week and one day of the following week with students.  We’re having the final potluck luncheon of the year this coming Thursday.  The theme is “what kind of food am I?”  We’re supposed to bring a dish that represents who we are.  Gotta give that one some thought.  I’m thinking along the lines of comfort food with a little kick.  Maybe potato salad with cayenne to spice it up.  Not sure about that….

Wednesday, the 2nd, is my last day of work and Andrew’s graduation.  Although students are off that day, it’s the last day for teachers.  We’ll hop on a bus and head over to Durrett Auditorium, don our own caps and gowns, and all of our faculty will participate in the graduation ceremony.  I usually get a little choked up.  Seeing students I’ve known and worked with for years marching down the aisles and getting their diplomas.  When it comes to Andrew, I’ll probably be sobbing and boo hooing.  Better grab a few tissues before our faculty march.

After graduation, I have to finish out the day but I should be finished and out of the building by 3:00.  Andrew’s graduation party is that afternoon and I have to figure out all the details.

I’ll be off a week and a half and then I’m teaching summer school from June 14th through the 18th.  Funny how much things have changed.  I remember when summer school was 6 weeks.  Now it’s four days.  No Child Left Behind says we have to offer it to students who have failed classes but the funding isn’t provided to enable us to do it right.  Four days….

Vacation is coming up on July 2nd.  We’d planned to be on vacation from July 2nd through July 19th since the 18th is DH’s birthday and he gets an extra day tacked on to his vacation.  Now I’ve agreed to work a summer conference from July 19th through the the 22nd with the setup day being July 16th so we’re going to have to be home by the 15th.  I hate losing those 4 days of vacation time but I just can’t pass up a full week’s work at my regular salary.

That’s what’s coming up over the summer.  As for today, I want to get my garden finished.  I have to replace the tomato plants the rabbits (squirrels?) ate and I want to apply a liberal dose of blood meal (sounds lovely) around all the plants.  I also want to start cleaning and stocking the RV.  It’s always nice to just take off on a whim.

Now it’s off to the produce stand to buy more tomato plants and then on to Home Depot to get blood meal….


R & R

The Senior Awards Banquet is over!  I’m can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am.  I got to work at 7:15 and left at 10:45 that night. It turned out to be a huge affair and, although there are always kinks, it turned out great.  DS had purchased 500 dinner plates and we used every single one and had to run upstairs to raid my Potluck Club supplies to get a few more.  Where did they all come from?  I don’t have a clue.  Whenever you’re working with kids, things get a little crazy.  We only had seating for 400 so I don’t know how we wound up serving in excess of 500. 

The room looked lovely.  We’re fortunate to have a very large lobby that adjoins our two cafeterias and we ordered extra tables from the Board of Education for the affair.  We were able to squeeze in 400 chairs and placed a dinner menu on each placemat.  Salads were placed at each setting just before the ceremony ended and guests headed out of the theatre and were seated in the lobby.  They were supposed to look over the menu and check their choice of salad dressing, entree, and drink.  Our student servers grabbed up the menus and headed to the cafeteria to collect the salad dressing, entree, and drink and then took them back to the table and kept the menu.  So how did we serve over 500?  We had a table with salad dressing in little cups, then servers went to the next station and grabbed a plate which was already dished up with the entree and bread, finally, on the way out the door, they passed the beverage table and grabbed the beverages.  After delivering the dinners, the servers were supposed to keep the filled menu and turn it in.  Obviously, students were serving to diners who had already had dinner and decided to ask for seconds.  In their defense, they’re kids.  It never runs correctly when you’re relying on a bunch of students to behave like trained waiters and waitresses.

Still, the evening was a huge success, we had plenty of food (even though we had to scramble for some extra plates) and everyone was very complimentary.  It was a successful conclusion to a day of utter madness.

I had done the awards.  More than 400 assorted awards to be given to almost 200 graduates.  I did each certificate, turned it in to one of the secretaries to be proofed, and then started on the next batch.  I had them finished more than a week ago.  Each certificate printed on quality paper, in color, a gold seal with the school crest on it affixed to it and the principal signed each and every one.

I also did the programs.  Each printed on a really cool, textured paper, carefully folded in half.  I printed 350 of them and finished them two days before the ceremony.  I did the menus.  I was really proud of them.  The school crest at the top and they were printed on heavy, textured white paper.  Each sheet had to be fed by hand through the bypass and carefully cut in half to form 5 1/2 x 8 inch menus.  I printed 400 menus.

At 1:00 p.m., the counselor who was in charge of the ceremony ran to me in a panic and said, “Pat, take a deep breath and try not to hurt me.  I missed giving you the names for 75 certificates and I gave you the wrong file for the programs.  Crap!  The counselor was all teary-eyed and I could tell she was at the breaking point.  I told her I’d get it done.  I switched into ultra-drive and redid the programs.  The heavy paper had to be hand-fed into the printer one piece at a time.  I put one student in charge of that, and had the rest of my class folding programs like crazy.  I grabbed another student and had her read and spell the names for the 75 missing certificates and another student was standing by another printer and hand feeding paper into it as I printed certificates.  To make a long story short, we got it done.  I sent the finished certificates and programs to the counselor.  The bell rang to end school just as we finished.

I headed downstairs to start helping with decorating and organizing the kitchen.  The lobby looked beautiful.  The 60 long navy blue tablecloths DS ordered looked really nice with gold placemats and serving ware and napkins tied with navy blue ribbons at each setting.  Our center pieces were crystal bowls of water which had been tinted blue with white flowers and candles floating in them.  The dessert table was set up in the lobby with six sheet cakes and fresh flower arrangements.

The ceremony was scheduled to start at 6:30 and the counselor told me guests should be heading downstairs for dinner around 7:15.  I know this is her first year as counselor and I had a pretty strong feeling that she was dreaming.  After all, I made the certificates and I knew how many awards were being given out.  I decided 7:45 was a more reasonable time to expect guests.  At 6:15, I headed up to the theatre to find my seat and witness DGS, Andrew, receive his awards. 

As I approached the theatre, I was bombarded by a half dozen teachers flagging me down and telling me they’d been looking everywhere for me.  They wanted to know where all the programs were.  I told them that I’d sent them to the counselor but she said she didn’t get them.  We unlocked the front office and found them in her room.  She’d been so stressed out, she didn’t even remember me giving them to her.  Crisis averted, I headed back to the theatre to watch the first few minutes of the ceremony.  I knew the program and knew that Andrew was getting his awards pretty early so I was able to slip back down to the lobby around 6:50.  I found DS working like a dog in the kitchen but our student volunteers were being briefed about their duties and everything was under control. 

We waited and waited.  Prepped and ready for the onslaught.  By 7:45, DS was beginnng to complain that his baked ziti was getting dry and he couldn’t hold the chicken primavera much longer without the sauce starting to separate.  We decided to go ahead and set up the main food tables.  At 8:00, we were all getting tired of waiting.  It was one of those hurry up and wait deals and we just wanted to get it over with.  Finally, at 8:15, guests started arriving and being seated and the chaos began.  Our servers hit the floor running and I was so proud of them.  Like lambs heading to the slaughter.  They began by being sweet and polite and soon began to feel overwhelmed.  We only had 20 students and 400 guests.  Each of them had to serve 20 guests.  A few guests were nasty and I wanted to slap them upside the head.  What do you expect when you’re getting a free meal at a school and it’s being served by kids?  One man actually told one of our students she’d better not plan on paying for college by waiting tables because he’d marked his menu for eggplant parmesan and she brought him vegetable lasagna.  Jerk!  At one point, a woman came in the kitchen and demanded a plate of baked ziti because the student forgot her drink and the ziti was cold by the time she got her iced tea.  I mean, come on!  It may have been nasty on my part but I told her she wasn’t allowed in the kitchen and she would have to wait until we finished filling orders for the kids and I would personally bring her a plate of ziti.  I could have just handed one to her but she really got to me with her arrogant attitude.  Pans of ziti were flying out of the oven and there was no way her ziti could have been cold even if the kid did have to go get her another glass of tea.  On top of that, although it got pretty crazy for a few minutes, every single guest had been served by 8:45 and I’ve had to wait longer than 30 minutes just to get my salad at restaurants when I’ve been paying for dinner.

Still, 99% of the guests were really complimentary and I was so proud of the kids!  The principal said we’d set the bar.  The school had never had the kind of turnout we had for the Senior Awards Banquet and she was thrilled with everything.  The senior counselor brought me a card with a $50.00 gift card in it and said she never could have pulled it off without my help and it meant a lot to me to realize that she recognized how hard I’d worked in order to make the event successful.  DS worked like a dog.  The food was outstanding and his part went over without a hitch.  Guests began leaving around 9:00 and we closed the cafeteria doors and sat down with all our student volunteers and a handful of teachers who’d assisted and enjoyed the feast!

Cleanup was a nightmare but everyone did their part and we left the school kitchen as we’d found it.  You couldn’t tell it had been ground zero for ten full pans of food, bushels of salad, six full sheet cakes, 45 loaves of bread and 60 gallons of tea and lemonade.

I limped out of the building at 10:45 because DS literally dragged me out and made me go home.  I got home and passed out in bed but I woke up when he came in at almost midnight after his biggest catering job to date. 

I have to admit that I was definitely feeling some pain yesterday.  I had to drag myself out of bed when the alarm went off at 5:00 and spent the day operating on automatic pilot.  Now, it’s Saturday and I’m beginning to feel human again.

All in all, I think we made it.


Just shoot me

Wish me luck.  Headed to the last killer day of the year.  Everything after today will seem like a piece of cake but I’ve got to get through the next 14 or 15 hours first.

Senior Awards Banquet is tonight.  I’ve got it on three fronts:  I’m heavily involved with putting it together, grandson, Andrew is a senior and will be receiving awards, and DS is catering the affair for 400 guests.

On the menu:  salad, choices of baked ziti, chicken primavera, eggplant parmesan, or vegetable lasagna, warm Italian bread, assorted cakes, and iced tea, lemonade, or coffee. 

It started out with the school asking him to prepare for 350 but saying there would probably only be around 250 show up.  Since then, things have really taken off and it’s looking like at least 400, maybe more.  DS has been cooking and shopping for four days.  He cooked all day yesterday and I got up last night at 3:00 a.m. and he was still cooking.

Wish us luck!


Go ask Alice

What the Hell is going on with DIL?  Okay…she’s unstable, she’s vindictive, she’s delusional and she’s totally self-absorbed and she’s driving DS crazy.

She called him yesterday and left a message that her(his?) car was acting up and she was afraid she’d get stranded on the expressway with the kids.  She really knows how to play her cards.  She knows if she indicates that there’s a problem that affects the kids that DS will jump right on it.  He called her back yesterday afternoon and she said the car seemed to be fine.  Said it ran great yesterday.

So…DS is catering the school’s Senior Awards Banquet on Thursday and I’m off work today.  He’s working like a dog to prepare dinner for 350 and we’d planned on getting a lot of running around taken care of today.  Then, at 10:00, just when we’re ready to head out shopping, DIL calls and says her car won’t start and she needs a jump.  DS tells her can’t and she says that he’ll have to pick up the kids from daycare then because she doesn’t have any way to get them.  Damn it!  He decides it’s quicker and easier to just drive over and jump the battery than to drive 25 minutes to pick up the kids and then keep them all day until she can pick them up when he’s got tons of stuff to do to get ready for the banquet.

Okay… so where does she want him to come to jump the battery?  Down at the courthouse.  WTF?  The courts are closed today.  School is out.  It’s election day.  The only reason she’d be down at the courthouse would be to file or respond to some kind of emergency situation.  That’s the only thing that’s open down there today.  Is she filing another Emergency Protective Order against some poor fool or is she responding to some kind of charges? 

I don’t like this at all.

I think DIL is deteriorating.  Scary.  Does that mean she’s doing drugs again or does it mean she’s in a manic state with her bi-polar disorder or does it just mean she’s a sorry-ass bitch?

First, she calls DS and asks him to come and get the boys “out of her hair” even though it’s not his weekend to have them.  Then, when he picks them up and asks what time to bring them home, she tells him to keep them all weekend.  She sends them without a change of clothes and with a sh*tload of homework for Scout.  His homework was a grid of nine squares, each with a project about a foreign country.  He’s had two weeks to do it and hasn’t even started.  It’s due Wednesday.  He had to pick three “mini-projects” from the grid to make a tic-tac-toe row of three.

We chose a row that included the following:

Create a game about a country in Europe
Make a scrapbook about a country in Europe as if you visited that country as a tourist
Make a list of 5 books about a country in Europe and write a sentence about each telling how it can be used to learn more about that country.

We went shopping and bought a pair of dice, posterboard, markers, a scrapbook, scrapbook stickies about France, paste, etc.  We helped Scout create a game like Trivial Pursuit and make question cards about France.  Decorated the game board and make a trail from the Eiffel Tower to the Arch de Triomphe.  Next, we went surfing on the web and printed out pictures on photo paper about France and helped him write a narrative about his “visit” to match the pictures in the scrapboard.  Decorated it with stickies and glued all the pictures in the book.

DIL was supposed to pick them up at 6:00 yesterday evening and she didn’t show up.  DS called at 6:30 and she said, “I thought you were bringing them home.”  So…he took them home.  First, she notices Scout’s socks and says, “Those aren’t the socks he was wearing when you picked him up.”  DS tells her they’re dirty so he put another pair on him.  She gets upset and starts in about how she just bought those socks.  It’s the first time he’s worn them and she doesn’t appreciate him bringing Scout home wearing and “old” pair.  She wants DS to drive back over here and return his “new” socks, dirty or not, because she just bought them.  DS tells her about the school project and how we did two projects out of the three and tells her Scout needs to go to the library at school and check out five books on France and write them up to complete the other project.  Then she starts ranting about how she doesn’t have time to worry about that and why didn’t he take Scout to the branch library down the road while he had him?

DS comes home and he’s all upset about the damn socks and the project and says he just turned around and walked away.  He said she called after him and told him to put the socks in the mailbox if she wasn’t home when he brought them back.  I asked if he was going to take them over to her and he said he’d give them to her when he returns the kids after this coming weekend.

It doesn’t sound good. 



I can’t grow tomatoes. My entire yard is the victim(?)/benefactor(?) of dense shade.  Those of you who have been around for a while may recall my adventures with the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planters last year.  I think I paid around $100.00 for three planters, ten tomato plants, fertilizer and soil and the plants managed to produce a half dozen scraggly tomatoes which the squirrels devoured before they were even ripe.

For Mother’s Day, DS borrowed a rototiller and dug up a 10 x 10 area across the street in a vacant lot.  It gets full sun all day.  Yesterday morning, we went out and bought 15 heirloom tomato plants, basil, lemongrass, pepper plants and cilantro.  I did a little research on the tomatoes and bought several unique varieties that were recommended as “best tasting heirloom tomatoes”.  Hence: the Green Zebras which are supposed to be delicious and are rather unusual in appearance and the Mortgage Lifters which are supposed to produce huge tomatoes.  Maybe the squirrels will be satisfied with just one tomato at a time.  Then again, maybe one of the big mamas will fall on them and crush the little thieves.

I went by Home Depot and found large cages that weren’t priced.  Asked them how much they were and “Tina” said she thought they were $.99 each but she wasn’t sure.  I said that sounded pretty cheap (most places are selling them for three or four dollars) and she said she thought they were on sale for $.99.  I asked her if she would check to be sure and she said, “Just tell them Tina said to charge you $.99 each for them.  If they give you a problem, have them call me.”

The cashier rang them up at $3.49 each and I told her Tina said they were on sale for $.99 each.  She said, “They’re on sale but $3.49 is the sale price.  They’re usually $4.49.”  I told her to call Tina and she just sighed and rang them up at $.99.  SCORE!!!

DS may have tilled the ground but it was still a lot of work.  Adding 8 bags of manure/humus and two large bags of peat moss to condition the soil and then digging down to a depth of at least two feet around each plant to secure the cages.  When the entire garden was finally planted, we had to connect two long hoses and drag them all the way across the street to make sure all the plants were settled in with a nice, long drink of water.  I imagine there’s going to be a lot of cursing and ranting over the summer as I try to drag the hose across the road and fight with kinks and tangles and cars but, at least, I should get some tasty tomatoes and a good supply of fresh basil and cilantro.  Until they start to bolt….

On the DIL front…things are not looking so good.  She’s driving DS crazy.  She’s in between boyfriends and not holding up very well.  Last week, for example, she called DS on Tuesday and told him she was sick and needed him to take the boys to school.  On Thursday, she called and said she had to work overtime and wouldn’t be able to pick them up.  He had to drive all the way across town (a 25 minute drive on the interstate, pick them up from daycare and he got halfway back when she called and said she was home and he could drop off the kids.  She invited him in to “talk” but he declined.  Yesterday, she called him around noon and said she was sick and the boys were driving her crazy and he needed to pick them up and “get them out of her hair”.  She said they’d been so bad that she’d grounded them until Wednesday and they weren’t allowed to watch TV, go to their friends, or play on the computer.  Although it isn’t his weekend to have them and he had other plans, he picked them up just to get them away from her.  He asked what time she wanted him to bring them home and she said, “I figured you’d keep them for the weekend.  Scout’s got some kind of school project due and I don’t know what they want or how to do it so you need to help him get it done.  It’s due Wednesday.”  He brought them over and asked Jake if mommy went out Friday night and he said yes.  He said she didn’t get home until he and Scout were already up and she got mad because they wanted to watch TV and she wanted to sleep.  So…she’s back to her old tricks.  Stayed out all night and comes home hungover and mean as a snake.  We looked at Scout’s homework assignment and it’s a major project that was assigned on May 1st and is due on the 19th so she’s known about it for more than two weeks and hasn’t done anything.  He needs a scrapbook, posterboard, pictures, and a lot of time to get it finished.  Guess that’s what DS will be doing today.

I don’t know what to do.  Other than keeping track of everything.  We knew this would happen as soon as no one was monitoring her.  She’s lost her apartment, staying with her mom, running through boyfriends, staying out all night, collecting child support and getting assistance with food, daycare, and who knows what else and she’s out partying and neglecting the kids.  DS and I tried and tried to tell anyone who would listen about how she is and we got treated like dirt and called liars and told that we were vindictive and non supportive and not acting in the best interests of the kids.

Of course, he could tell her it’s not his problem but the boys are the ones who suffer.  What would their weekend have been like if he hadn’t picked them up?  When they got here yesterday, they were moody and arguementative and whiney but it only took a couple of hours of get them back in good spirits.  They helped in the garden and went shopping with us.  I told them they couldn’t play on the computer or watch TV but I made sure they had plenty of games and books and DS ordered pizza and played Monopoly with them until bedtime.  We’re placed in the position of having to support her “punishment” because we don’t want them to learn to manipulate their parents but it really pisses me off to have to enforce a punishment that was given to them because she had a hangover and didn’t want to deal with caring for them.


Call 911

I feel like I’m dying.  And it’s a slow and painful death.

Went with the 8th graders on a field trip yesterday to King’s Island.  Not something I would ordinarily do but good buddy Phyllisann has been working all year to put together a field trip for 250 8th graders and was in desperate need of teacher chaperones.  I told her “no” the first time she asked, told her “I’d think about it and try to work it out” the second time she  asked and finally succumbed when she called begging 3 days before the event.  She had extra chaperone tickets and was begging for any and all adults she could get so DH and DS went along as well.  Not that they have any idea what to do with 250 8th graders but we’re required to have one adult for every ten kids.  We were assigned a group of 26 kids and they were really a good group.  Still…it’s like taking 26 of your own kids to King’s Island for the day.  You have to deal with lost money, lost lunches, lost kids, and lost patience.  We were supposed to leave at 7:00 but didn’t get on the road until 8:00.  Turns out two kids put all their stuff in a locker over by the Beach, at the far extreme of the park, and then lost the key or something.  Not one of our group but all six busses had to leave together so we all got delayed.

I felt sorry for the bus driver who came over to our bus while we were waiting for the park staff to help the kids with the locker problem and asked our bus driver if he had “any of that stuff that neutralizes vomit” with him.  He didn’t and the unfortunate driver walked away looking rejected and resigned.  Imagine that scenario…50 kids on a bus for 3 hours with the smell of vomit lingering in the air.  Bet they kept the windows down.

I had actually considered going to Disney World with DH this summer.  Just the two of us.  The last couple of times we went, we took the kids and grandkids and we stayed at the hotel while they did the park.  Glad I had this “test run”.  No, thank you.  There’s no ride out there that’s worth it.  We actually only went on three rides.  One of them had a 45 minute wait and another had an hour wait.  My ankle was killing me.  I couldn’t help cringeing when I rounded up my 26 kids and had to escort them back to the bus.  I know it really wasn’t ten miles but it sure felt like it as I hobbled and limped out to the north forty.

We finally got home around 11:00, I limped out to the spa and it took everything I had to drag myself out of it a few minutes later and collapse in bed. 

No, I don’t think Disney World is in the picture this summer.


Each day is like a loaded potato.  You’ve got your basic baked potato and then all the other stuff starts piling on.  Still, it makes the days fly.  It seems like just yesterday we were looking at three weeks of school and now this week is almost gone. 

Today’s potato toppings include refining and printing the Senior Awards program, choosing a color printer and getting it ordered, ordering paper for next year, the final ROTC Booster Club meeting of the year after school and taking Andrew for a haircut.  Not too bad.  Of course, that’s on top of my plain baked potato (I mean, classes…)

It seems like I’m always making brochures, awards, newsletters, programs, etc.  I had a brainstorm about doing all that on top of my regular classes and asked the principal if I could teach a desktop publishing class next year.  She was really enthusiastic about it and said I could order my very own color laser printer.  Whoo Hooo!  No more runnning back and forth to print stuff from one of the two highly guarded color printers in the school.  I don’t even think I’m going to have it networked.  Just hook it up as a local printer.  That way, I won’t have people all over the school printing to my room and I won’t have to worry about students printing stuff until I’ve approved it.  The printers are $800 each and I have a feeling that the ink is pretty pricey too.  It’s going to be nice to assign all the brochures, awards, etc. to students.  Of course, that comes at a price.  It’s probably going to make me crazy trying to get them to bring their creations up to snuff before they get printed and distributed.

Gotta run.  Have a good one, Chicklets!

I haven’t thought about how many school days we have left.  I’ve been swamped and they’ve been flying by.  But…I just looked and we have 14 to go! 

I’ve been busy, as usual, with all the end of the year stuff.  Just finished Steven’s Ring Ceremony, yesterday was the last faculty meeting of the year, going to King’s Island in Cincinnati as a field trip chaperone on Friday, next Thursday is Senior Awards Banquet, and I have to finish 120 more awards before then.  I’ve already gotten more than 300 of them finished.  Today, I’ll be finishing the programs for the Senior Awards Banquet and I have to teach ESS after school today.  Definitely keeping busy.

I organized a fundraiser last week that turned out to be a lot of fun.  Asked 8 people to volunteer to make a dinner over the weekend and bring it on Monday.  The dinner’s were auctioned off last Friday with all proceeds going to the National Honor Society and half that amount being donated to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  My dinner consisted of Lime Grilled Chicken with Cuban Salsa, fresh corn on the cobb, yellow rice, and a loaf of homemade bread.  It went for $50.00.  In all, we raised almost $400 and it was a lot of fun as the bidding got pretty heated towards the end.  I was outbid on another teacher’s Quesadilla Casserole and Chocolate Tres Leche Cake.  Probably a good thing I was outbid.  Sounds way too good.

Gotta run, duty calls!

I really got it together for Mother’s Day this year.  Seems like every year I’m sitting here on Friday thinking, “Grrrr….It’s too late to send anything.  I’m going to have to go shopping for Mom and spend Mother’s Day driving a couple of hours to deliver her gift.”  This year, I ordered candy and flowers!  Ordered them almost a week ago and I’ve been patting myself on the back and thinking how nice it is to have that taken care of.  I asked for them to be delivered on Friday so there wouldn’t be any problem with getting them on time.  Then little sister called me yesterday evening and said, “Oh, just thought I’d let you know that Mom and I are in New Orleans and we’ll be here for at least a couple of weeks.”  Damn!  I had to call the florist but it was too late to cancel the order.  I had to order another arrangement to be sent to New Orleans and the original arrangement will be delivered to Mom’s empty house tomorrow.  Grrrrr……

Tonight is Steven’s ring ceremony.  He’s so excited!  We’re going out to dinner to celebrate.

Yeah, Brandi, my posting times are different.  I used to use youngest DGS’s laptop to post each morning but he’s having trouble with it.  The other GS is so territorial with his that he practically sleeps with his laptop under his pillow and the main computer is in the guest room where DS is now living (and sleeping each morning).  So…unless I happen to bring my work laptop home with me, there isn’t one available in the mornings.

Still thinking about SBD but the days are flying by in a blur.  Seems like that always happens this close to the end of the year.

Just an ordinary day shaping up.  I have to work and then there shouldn’t be anything else.  Got my Lean Cuisine ready to go.  Got my yogurt breakfast.  I had a talk with DH yesterday.  He’s always tired and doesn’t feel like doing anything.  He felt great when I went on the South Beach Diet about 5 years ago.  His diabetes improved dramatically and his cholesterol dropped way down.  I think he’s willing to do that again.  Of course, that means I have to do it.  Not sure about it because I do like those carbs!  Something to consider…

Have a good one, Chicklets!




That’s what I want to do today.  Just lie around in my pajamas and do nothing.  Rest and recoup.  The house is clean.  There’s leftover food from the wedding, it’s pouring rain and I haven’t spent any quality time with Judge Judy lately.

The wedding was larger than I thought it was going to be.  Still small…but the bride had three aunts and an uncle who showed up and two friends.  With DH, DS, the twins and I, we had a total of 15 in attendance.  Enough to make it seem festive and throw some rice (birdseed) at the departing couple.  I kept it simple.  Potato salad, chicken salad, fresh fruit tray, Subway sandwiches cut into fourths, a relish tray, chips, wedding cake, punch and sparkling wine.  One of the aunts took lots of pictures and said she’d send copies to me.  She emailed this morning and said she couldn’t get them to attach but would send a CD.  The bride gave me one of her garters.  Said it was traditional that you choose a female guest to give it to and she wanted me to have it.  Surprised me.  I thought the tradition was that it was thrown to the single men in the same manner that the bouquet was thrown to the single women.  Don’t think it’s going to be adorning my thigh anytime soon.  I’m pretty sure it would cut off circulation and I’d need my leg amputated.

The garden looked halfway presentable.  Of course, I went out there this morning and my baptiste opened up and a couple dozen iris opened.  It would have been nice if they’d graced us with their presence yesterday but we still had a few things blooming.  Especially azaleas.  Given the choice of having the wedding today or yesterday I’d have to say we lucked out.  It rained a couple of hours in the morning and remained overcast but we were able to have everyone outside for the wedding and the rain didn’t begin in earnest until an hour or so after the wedding.

Now, what’s coming up?   Steven’s ring ceremony is Thursday but I don’t have to do anything for it except be there.  I’ve already wired flowers to Mom for Mother’s Day next weekend.  Next, the senior awards banquet is on the 20th and I know DS is going to need my help with catering a full dinner for 350.  After that, Andrew’s graduation party will be on Memorial Day weekend and then his actual graduation will be on the 2nd.  Our anniversary is on June 5th and I’d like to plan a getaway for DS and I.

But…for today, I think I’ll just hibernate.

Okay, we all survived.  In spite of the thunderstorms, we had a two hour window that allowed us to get outside and get the wedding done.  I wouldn’t say it was picture perfect but then, it got the job done.  The bride and groom were happy and everyone seemed to have a good time.  As for the cake…don’t think I want to repeat that experience again but at least it tasted good.  I didn’t get any pictures of the bride in her wedding garb.  These pictures were taken after the ceremony.  She asked me to stand with her and asked DH to give her away.  DS stood with the groom so we didn’t get to take any pictures until after they’d already changed clothes.  Now, we get to relax until May 20th when DS is catering the senior awards dinner at school for 350 guests.  I don’t want to think about it yet.  Think I’ll take a glass of leftover wine and go to the spa.