The wedding is tomorrow.  I’ve been working my butt off to get the yard ready and now they’re forecasting thunderstorms all day long tomorrow.  So I think I’m going to ignore the yard today and clean inside.  We may be able to go outside but I’m not betting on it.

Speaking of betting…tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby.  We’re off work today because it’s the running of the Kentucky Oaks.  I guarantee things are going to get crazy around town but I’m not going to be in the middle of it.  We usually stay close to home on Derby weekend and avoid all the tourists and crazies.

DIL called DS twice yesterday evening.  Once, to see if he had plans for this weekend.  He told her he was busy.  The second time, she wanted to know why he didn’t call her after she left all the text messages on his phone Thursday evening.  I swear, she’s totally unbelievable.  She still seems to think that all she has to do is have the Protective Order dropped and then they can just chat and hang around and work things out.

Gotta keep this short.  DS and I are making a wedding cake today.  I’ve done fondant decorations before but we’re going to try to cover a cake in a sheet of fondant and we’ve never tried it before.  Thank God for youtube.  How did anyone ever figure out how to do anything before youtube???


incontrol2day says 30th April @ 8:01

OMG I youtube EVERYTHING! From ironing shirts, cooking to hair/makeup tips. It’s AWESOME hahah

Good luck on the wedding tomorrow. Sounds SO festive. Hopefully the weather stays decent.

beerab says 30th April @ 13:19

PFT! What a B*TCH! Seriously if she had that bf still she wouldn’t have dropped the order- now she’s desperate HA! Tell your son to stay strong 🙂

I also use youtube for everything! I learned a lot of crochet stitches that way 🙂

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