1. Daily Crossword
  2. Bird Feeders
  3. Flower Gardens
  4. Walking out of the building on the last day before spring/summer/Christmas break
  5. Finishing a MAJOR project at work
  6. daffodils
  7. 3FC friends who read my rants and give me hugs
  8. skinny dipping in the pool at midnight
  9. a glass of wine in the spa
  10. traveling
  11. palm trees on a beach
  12. Edy’s fruit bars


mothermavis says 6th January @ 20:10

I love this idea. I am off to start my own list.

healthyginger says 16th August @ 13:11

Daffodills and gardens, It’s fate you were at top of list. I just came in from taking my dog out into my garden for the first time in well over a year. I started 3FC and new health plan on the summersoltice June 21, I’ve lost 25 pds and can finally walk to end of front walkway, sit on post perch and dream of redoing my front walk garden with Daffodils, Pansy, & Snapdragons all around divided up daylies day. I just wanted to sit, dream and give thanks to God and my garden for still being here waiting for me to nurish both garden and spirituality. I injured myself 3 yrs ago-gained tons and am finally on a healthy road again. If you love to look at gardens online check out mine at http://WWW.gingersflowergarden.com) I hope someday to beable to restore it to this glory as I loose over 100 pds. I’ll just mosey on over to some of your other post now.

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