She’s probably holed up in the house after what seems like an eternity of snowy days and freezing weather.  Probably going out of her mind from looking at the same four walls for days and days and days.  Probably becoming downright rabid by now.  Foaming at the mouth and snapping at anyone who comes near.

Yeah, that would be me.  Snow and ice on Saturday and Saturday school cancelled because of it.  That’s four hours of extra pay out the window.  Same old snow on Sunday and a bit of it still hanging around on Monday waiting for the Monday night onslaught of another six inches.  No school on Tuesday and no school today.  No after school ESS which means another hour of extra pay gone.

Days and days of TV and books and being off track with eating.  I’ve got to get out of this house TODAY!

9:45 Update – Got to thinking about a 3FC Retreat again.  I mean, what else am I going to do while enduring this miserable weather?  In reality, if we were to actually do it, what would it look like?  Put away the dreams of private chefs and look at it realistically.  Where would it be?  I know Joy likes walking and riding bikes and Brandi needs a beach.  Me?  I need a private house with a pool and spa.  Where would we go?

I went to Vacation Rentals by Owners and did a little browsing.  Marco Island might be a choice.  It has beautiful beaches, bike trails, dolphins and manatees and great shelling.  We could stay in Richard Nixon’s old home.  Sleeps 10 to 12 for $2,500 per week.  Perhaps this place at $3,000 per week.  This one is only $1,250 per week.

Really, I’ll put it together.  Where do you live?  Where should we go?  Me?  I live in Louisville, Ky.  I can do an area ranging from the Great Lakes to Maine and then down the coast to Florida.  I can go as far west as Louisiana and then back up to the lakes.  I’m off in the summer June and July.  Anyone interested in really doing this?

4:15 Update:  I went out and got a haircut.  The main roads aren’t bad at all but the secondary roads could use some help.  Since the main roads were okay and the mall IS on a main road, I went shopping.  Didn’t go last Friday because of the weather but I went today.  Found perfect pants at Macy’s.  Women’s Petite size 16.  Beautiful dress pants in black and gray for $24.98.  Whoo Hooo!  Now I can wear my Barbie shoes in the snow tomorrow!



firefly says 10th February @ 11:19

I love the idea, though budget constraints keep me from spending more than a few hundred. So if it’s affordable, I’m totally in. You know I’m out in SF, CA. However, I love to travel and see other parts of the country. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

laurajean64 says 10th February @ 18:01

Hey – I’m from Louisville too! Last time it snowed in Kentucky like it is back east today, I decided to move to California! Now if I want snow, we drive an hour to the east (Sierra’s). If I want beach, we drive an hour to the west. I don’t miss the Louisville weather one bit!

brseay says 10th February @ 18:37

You are such a gem for doing all of this research. I cautiously would say that I’m in, but budget will be an issue for me, too. Maybe we should figure out who is fairly seriously interested and see where they live. That way if a bunch of us are from the same part of the country we can pick an area that would minimize travel expenses. Not to add something else to your plate, I can help w/this. Just direct people to my blog and I’ll tally where people live and how much they can spend.

I’m in Iowa, and I could budget about $500 for travel/lodging. The beach isn’t a necessity–a pool and sunshine would be just fine.

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