This is going to be a tough one.   I have to work.  At lunch, we’re having a National Honor Society meeting so I fixed spaghetti for twelve.  The other two teachers involved are supposed to bring drinks and bread.  After work,  I have a staff meeting.  Then I have to come home for an hour or two and head back to work for an ROTC Booster Club meeting at 6:00.  Looks like the only good thing about today will be getting it over with.

We changed the Booster Club meetings to 6:00 after input from parents at the Awards Presentation last month saying they would attend if the meetings were from 6:00 to 7:00 instead of 5:00 to 6:00.  Call me a cynic but I’m waiting to see what happens.  It makes it more difficult on those of us who routinely meet because we prefer to get it done and get home but I’m hoping changing the time will get us some parental help and involvement.

The twins got their wisdom teeth removed yesterday.  They’re doing great but I was shocked to see the note from the oral surgeon saying they could return to school Friday.  What??? A full week of school?  I called his office and they said “Yeah, they should take it easy for a few days.  They’ll probably feel worse tomorrow than they do today.”  Humpf!  I don’t think so.  Unless I come home today and find them rolling on the floor in pain, they’re going back to school tomorrow.  They were sitting out in the spa yesterday evening and seemed to be hunky dory.  I’ll give them today but then I’m booting them out of the house and back to school.

I made the spaghetti sauce for today’s meeting using ground turkey so it’s pretty healthy.  Still, it doesn’t take much pasta to send the calories through the roof.  The kids wanted to meet today to discuss how the fundraiser went and I’m going to hand it over to them.  They want to sell hot dogs every couple of weeks so they’re going to have to step up to the plate and figure out how to do it.  For three days last week, I bought the hot dogs and buns after work, I got three crock pots full of hot dogs going, I got my student aides last period to put them on buns, place them in paper boats and roll them up in napkins and I set up carts with mustard, ketchup and relish so they could take them around the school after the bell rang.  After they finished, I washed the crock pots and cleaned up the mess.  That’s not something I’m going to do every couple of weeks.  It’ll be interesting to see them take charge and figure out how they’re going to work it out.

DS has a job interview today that he’s really stoked about.  I hope, no, I pray that he gets it!

6:20 a.m. – Weight is at 191.5.  I’m not surprised.   I ate healthy yesterday but didn’t track calories and I didn’t exercise.  The truth of the matter is that I was so busy fixing dinner and spaghetti for twelve and taking care of the twins that I didn’t even think of it until around 9:30 and I was just too tired.  I may try to work it in between getting home at 4:00 today and heading back out at 6:30 for the ROTC meeting.  Looks like that’s the only chance I’ll have.

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