Early Morning Quickie

I promise.  Quick little post and I’m off to the mines.  I spent a lot of time this weekend blogging and it helped.  Kept me focused.  Writing about retreats and Evan and making a new Chickie Award.  I gained a lot of introspection from all the thinking and writing.  It really helped. I had a good weekend of eating healthy and exercising.

I have a little extra time this morning because Andrew and Steven won’t be going to school.  Their mother is picking them up at 8:00 to get their wisdom teeth removed.  Poor babies.  Both of them are having all four third molars removed.  Hope they do okay.  One thing I have to say for Mom, she isn’t raising them (they’ve lived here for six years) but she’s pretty good at keeping up with their medical and dental appointments.  They’ve been in braces for more than a year now.  Seems strange to remove their wisdom teeth while they’re still in braces but what do I know?  I’ve been out of the dental field for twenty years.  Things have changed.

6:20 a.m.- Weight is at 190.5 this morning.  I should be seeing the 180’s again by this time next week.

dry cereal (150)
tomato juice (30)

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