Think Snow (NOT!)

I’m tired of all the snow hype.  They’ve been milking it for days.  I woke up early and turned on the news for the latest and the weather man was saying “Think Snow!”  Ummm…my question would be “Why?”  Our weather guys even did a BAD parody of “Pants on the Ground” that’s playing on You Tube called “Snow on the Ground”.  Ugghhh…

6 to 10 inches on Thursday
No…6 go 10 inches early Friday
No…3 to 6 inches on Thursday
Wait! 3 to 6 inches on Friday
Looks like 1 inch Friday morning and 6 to 8 inches Friday afternoon
Oops!  It’s going to be a dusting on Friday and 3 to 6 inches on Saturday

Really….if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t stocked up on bread and milk at this point, they must be living in a cave.  My students have been bouncing off the walls for three days.  Anticipating that they’re going to get sent home early or have a snow day any minute.  We had school on Tuesday (big mistake) and there were dozens of wrecks all over town including a half dozen involving school buses.  The district is feeling the pressure not to let that happen again and the kids are circling like wolves.  I can almost hear them chanting; “snow, snow, SNOW!”

We had the induction for the Jr. National Honor Society yesterday evening.  I was a speaker and was introduced as a “faculty sponsor for both the Jr. Honor Society and National Honor Society”.  News to me!  All I do is sell hot dogs (which went very well yesterday.  Sold 120 out of 125)  I’ve been pretty clear about not being officially involved with either of the organizations but have done whatever I could to help them out.  First I’ve heard about being a “faculty sponsor”.  Run, Patty, RUN!

On the diet front:  I didn’t do very well yesterday.  Ate good in the morning and early day.  A cup of dry cereal, tomato juice, an orange and a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread.  Things were totally crazy after that.  I had to work over an hour dealing with hot dog sales, rushed home to change and dress up, went back to school to help set up for the Jr. Induction.  Served cake and punch and didn’t consume a crumb, and then hit the road to head home at 8:00.  DGS, Andrew, was also a speaker and he was starving and wanted to stop at Dairy Queen for a chicken strip basket.  I haven’t been to DQ for at least ten years and was staring at a foreign menu trying to find something lite that stirred interest and I finally said, “Just give me the same thing.”  I got home and opened the box to discover a piece of buttered toast (gave that to Steven), 4 fried chicken strips (gave two to Steven), a container of gravy (tossed it) and a bunch of french fries (which I split with Steven). 

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I probably didn’t consume too many calories.  Even though they were all junk.  Two chicken strips and a few fries.  Probably stayed under my calories for the day.  If we don’t get buried in snow, I’ve got to get to the store and stock up on some fast, healthy options.

Exercise?  Are you kidding?  The most I got was through dragging myself to bed at 11:00.  I got home at 9:00, parked my butt in front of the TV to watch “The First 48” and didn’t move until I went to bed.

6:00 a.m. – 190.5….another half pound down.  Whoo Hooo!

4:15 – Feeling pretty smug right now.  I rushed home from work and walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes.  I think I’m doing this right.  Until I get my ankle functioning better, I’ll need to work it when I can and rest it when I can.  This afternoon, it felt pretty good.  Just finished the 45 minutes and could have kept going but it’s FRIDAY and I deserve a break!  I’m fixing Vegetable Barley Soup and Sarah’s Clafouti recipe from My Favorite Recipes, rented a movie and I’m waiting for the snow!


Joy says 29th January @ 7:17

GOOD job on the weight loss!
Keep it up Patty I am so proud of you!
To answer your Q yes it is down in KY. DH just faxed his resume down there. Not sure how long it will take to hear from them. ANYthing with the goverment takes longer than the rest of the free world! LOL
Have a great day!

susan says 29th January @ 10:36

“… circling like wolves..” HA!

brseay says 29th January @ 19:06

You sound like you’re on a mission and I love it! Sistah Pat is back and on track!

And as far as the idea of a 3fatchicks weekend, I think it’s brilliant. There are a few people that I feel so close to (obviously you’re on that list) and it would be fun to be friends in “real life”.

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