3FC Dream Retreat

Joy says her DH put in an application in Lexington, Ky.  My gosh, that’s only an hour or so away.  Then I thought how nice it would be to actually meet Joy.  That got me to thinking about how much fun it would be to actually meet a lot of you Chickies.

Then I started thinking about what an actual 3FC retreat would look like.  Here’s what my dream retreat would be: 

We’d all find some way to head out toward the Las Vegas area and rent a cozy little villa like this one.  It might seem a little steep at $1,500 per night but, hey! it sleeps 30!  By the time we split the cost, it’s next to nothing.  Fifty bucks a night.  We’ve got a tennis court, the pool and spa, the game room, the workout room and tons of bedrooms and baths to choose from.

Why the Vegas area?  I’ll tell ya in a minute… We’d all pick our rooms and head out to the pool and spa for a “Meet and Greet” catered by a fantastic chef whose claim to fame is his ability to create mouth watering delights to wow every palate– all low-fat, low-cal, and low-carb. 

We look fabulous!  Just the thought of meeting each other has kept us all totally motivated and psyched and we’ve been working our asses off.  We each bring a “before” picture and pair of “before” pants and strut our stuff.  We’ve got an unlimited supply of modeling clay and we each weigh out the amount of clay that matches how much weight we’ve lost and put it all together to build an effigy of the missing fat chick and take a group picture with her.

Day 2 – We’d all get up to a fantastic breakfast (created by Chef Extrordinaire) and then pile into the limo and head to the strip for a day of shopping and playing the slots.  We’d all be winners, of course. 

Exhausted after our day on the town, we’d come back to the villa and settle in for an evening of spa treatments by an army of hair and makeup experts, masseures, manicurists, and the like.  I hope Stacy and Clinton can come.  I invited them.

Day 3 – This is why we have to be in the Vegas area…We’d head out to the National Parks areas and go to Grand Staircase, Escalante.  Yeah…we’re going to hike Lower Calf Creek Falls.  It’s grueling but we are STRONG women!  We’ll bring plenty of water and wear bathing suits under our clothes and after a brutally punishing hike, we’ll all come around the bend, throw off our clothes and jump into a crystal clear pool of ice cold water.  Of course, we’re also very smart women so we’ll have plenty of reserve water for the hike back to civilization.

We’ll get back to the villa and celebrate with lots of beer and kaluah soaked “girlie” cigars while Chef Wonderful prepares dinner and our crew of masseures and damage control experts get rid of every ache and pain and leave us knowing that we can do anything if we put our minds to it! 

Day 4 – We’re going to sleep in after the previous day’s exertion and then enjoy brunch before heading out to visit wineries, shop, hit the strip, visit Lake Mead, or whatever the Hell a group of 3FC chicks do  when it’s “3FC Goes Wild” but we want to be back in plenty of time to prepare dinner.  This is our dinner.  Each of us prepares our favorite healthy dish and we drag out the pictures of home and family to enjoy while we feast the evening away.  Maybe we should invite Chef Wonderful to stay so we can teach him a few tricks of the trade.

Day 5 – Parting is such sweet sorrow but we all get a souvenir tee shirt and a chance to come back next year!  I’m ready to make my reservations.  What would your 3FC Retreat look like?



JustCallMeCow says 29th January @ 19:27

I’ve wondered for AGES what it would be like to get as many girls as we could together from 3FC. How inspirational? Maybe one day it could actually happen.. =)

susan says 29th January @ 20:45

I can’t think of anything better than what you’ve described, Patty! You may have missed your calling as an Event Planner.

Joy says 30th January @ 6:51

OMgoodness !! That sounds so wonderful, awesome, and refreshing all at the same time. 🙂

brseay says 30th January @ 9:02

I’m in. Seriously. As long as we survive layoffs and budget cuts I’m in.

tjnorth says 30th January @ 15:36

That sounds like the perfect way to do Vegas!

firefly says 31st January @ 20:09

Honestly, Patty, it sounds perfect! Count me in!!

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