Cozy in the Outback

My treat yesterday was 30 minutes of solitude in the spa with a Corona and a slice of lime.  I sat out back and felt all the aches and pains melting from my entire body.  I kind of like this idea of a daily treat!  It was 45 degrees and the snow was pretty much gone.  Still pretty slushy and wet but it should be gone after another day in the 40s.

I went to Walmart after work Wednesday to get a new clock radio and blow dryer and treated myself to a manicure and pedicure.  The place was pretty slow and the manicurist said, “No customers today!  I give you super good job!”  She did, too.  A long hot soak for my feet while I sat in the massaging chair and let it work the kinks out of my back and shoulders.  I love those chairs.  Wish I had one at home.  Then she gave me a luxurious massage from the knees down and a pedicure.  I waddled over to the manicure table in those funky little disposable flip flops and received a parafine treatment followed by another lengthy massage from the elbows down.  Yeah, she gave me a super good job!  I gave her a super good tip, too!

Daily treats?  I highly recommend them. Today’s treat is going to be a haircut. 

Yesterday wasn’t too bad.  I had to teach a PD after work but it was only an hour and a half so I was home by 4:30.  Today should be an easy day.  I’ve got a million things cooking at work and I should be able to concentrate at my desk and get some of them caught up.  I’ve become pretty  involved with the National Honor Society and the Junior Honor Society and I’ve got to get the newsletter cranked out.  My students are currently working on completing a project so they should be pretty much working independently.  I guarantee I’ll be hitting the door as soon as I get off at 2:30.

The National Honor Society met Wednesday at 6:45 a.m.  The only people present were the three officers (who are required to attend all meetings), Andrew, the faculty sponsor (who was 20 minutes late) and me.  The principal asked me to try to help out and get them going.  She said they’re not visible in the community and they never do anything.  Well, duh!  These kids can’t get to school at 6:45 a.m.  For one thing, most of them ride the bus and they don’t arrive at school in time for the meetings.  On the other hand, these are exceptional kids.  Cream of the crop.  They’ve worked hard and shown leadership and involvement in the community and this is supposed to be a way to honor them and recognize their accomplishments.  Having them meet at 6:45 a.m. is more like a punishment than a reward.  The sponsor says that’s the only time she can do it.  Hey, I thought it was supposed to be about the kids.  Anyway, I’m trying to cook up some ideas for fundraisers and I’ve initiated lunch meetings every two weeks where the kids will come to the library conference room at lunch and we’ll treat them.  The first luncheon will be next Tuesday.  I told the sponsor I’d bring a crock pot full of taco meat and a couple of two liters.  She said she’d bring lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.  The treasurer (another teacher) said she’d bring a dessert.  The treasurer said they only have $70 in the account.  We have to come up with a plan to get some money so these kids can do things.  Please tell me why you’d agree to sponsor an organization and then not do anything.  Andrew was inducted last April and the only thing they’ve done since then is have 3 (count em, three) meetings before school this year.  Each meeting has only been attended by a handful of kids and they haven’t done anything else.  My head is absolutely reeling with all kinds of ideas for things we can do.  Starting with the luncheons.  Today, I want to make some invitations and get them delivered to the kids.

Gotta run, busy day ahead.


Joy says 15th January @ 7:18

That sounds so wonderful. I relaxed just reading your account of the mani.pedi! 🙂
I hope that you have a great day.

brseay says 16th January @ 17:05

Wow, the spa, mani and pedi sound divine.

About NHS, just make sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew. I know how much you throw yourself into everything, which prevents you from taking good care of yourself. Are you ready for another challenge?

delitaagain says 17th January @ 23:04

Happy New Year, Pat! In answer to your question: for the glory, the resume, etc. Hey, I’m back! Great to see ya still going. 2010 is my year to win. Delita

Joy says 18th January @ 7:31

Hello Patty,
I have not seen you on in a few days. Just checking to make sure your doing okay. 🙂

round says 18th January @ 16:21

I’m impressed with the high level of self-love!!!! You totally deserve it!

feathers says 19th January @ 20:16

daily treats

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