I have to take a moment to recognize my homegirl, Brandie.  Always fighting the battle.  Always inspiring so many of us to keep up the good fight.  You go, girl!

How does Brandi keep going?  How does she hang in there in spite of the constant battle?  I don’t know.  I wish I did.  My admiration is boundless but my commitment is sadly lacking.  Is it the weather?   The gloomy skies, slushy frozen mess out there?  Is it the freezing temps and indoor confinement?  Probably not.  Not for the past year.  I’m sure there were some sunny days out there last June so that can’t be it.

Maybe it’s the stress.  I’ve had a tremendous amount of stress heaped on me in the last year but then, I always seem to be under a lot of stress.  Story of my life.

What is it then?  What is it that’s keeping me withdrawn and compelling me to avoid friends and stay in the house eating crap and watching TV? 

Gotta give that some thought….


brseay says 9th January @ 19:29

I am seriously honored. Thank you for reminding me that I am working hard at this b/c sometimes it’s so easy to remember all of the times that I have stumbled. It might take a looooooong time but I will get there and you will, too.

I truly feel like we’re kindrid spirits and I am so glad that I started this journey on the website. We seem to have so much in common and it’s strange/cool/weird/amazing how much I look forward to comments from you on my blog. You’re always there to pump so many of us up but not w/empty words–you always seem to know exactly what to say.

I don’t know how to make the neat awards like you do but if I did I’d make one for you to let you know how much of my success is due to your support. You have to believe in yourself b/c I know you can do this.

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