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I worked 8:30 to 4:00 yesterday.  My principal said I could work Monday through Wednesday if I want to repair laptops.  Our macs are now pushing seven years old and they’re dropping like flies.  I get about 30 turned in each day and I can only find time to repair about ten.  That means they’ve been piling up.

So I worked yesterday.  DS wasn’t working so he said he’d go with me.  Between the two of us, we managed to get 84 laptops up and going.  Hope we can do at least that many today.  We reimaged some of them, deleted student accounts and made new accounts on some more.  Replaced keyboards and airport cards.  Nothing really dramatic.  Just things I don’t have time to address on a regular work day. 

It was strange.  No kids, no teachers, no administrators.  Just one secretary in the office and a few custodians.  It really felt good to be able to dive into a stack of computers and work without interruptions or distractions. 

In other things, there’s still no change in SIL’s condition.  My brother stays with her as much as he can and will only leave if my sister relieves him for a while.  I keep praying for a miracle.

Things aren’t going great with DIL either.  DS talked to the supervisor yesterday about what’s been going on and she wasn’t happy.  She said the caseworker should have worked out a regular visitation plan by now and had them both agree to it.  She said she doesn’t know why I’m still supposed to call DIL everytime he wants to see the kids.  She asked if DS had told the caseworker he didn’t want a regular plan and DS said he’d been begging for one from the very beginning and the caseworker told him that was something he and DIL would have to work out.

In the meantime, we feel pretty sure that she isn’t living with her boyfriend anymore.  I have a friend who knows where they live and I asked her if she’d seen DIL’s car lately.  She’s been keeping an eye out for the last week and said it hasn’t been there.  I live just a mile from her mother and drive by her house all the time and it hasn’t been there either.  So, we don’t know where she is and don’t have a phone number.  The supervisor said she’d talk to the caseworker today and try to see what she could do.

The only thing that really puzzles me is the child support.  DS always gives a check to Jake when he visits and Jake gives it to DIL.  She usually cashes it within a day or two.  Now, she hasn’t gotten a check for three weeks.  Whatever else is going on, that’s not like her.

I know I’m not supposed to but I’m calling her mother if the supervisor doesn’t find out something today.  I can’t stand to think that the boys won’t be here for Christmas.  We have presents for them and I decorated the house and DS has presents for them but, if something doesn’t happen soon, we won’t get to see them over the holiday.  If nothing else, maybe I can drop their presents off at her mother’s house.  Of course, if we have to do that, we won’t get to see them open their gifts and we’ll never see the games and toys we bought for them.  They’ll take them home, wherever that is, and we won’t get to see them enjoy playing with them.  Still, I guess it’s better that they know we were thinking of them even if we couldn’t spend time with them.

Enough…it’s time to go to work.


brseay says 22nd December @ 8:04

Oh, Patty, I just got caught up on everything that has been going on. I don’t know what to say……

I just said a quick prayer that Kim will recover fully and that the grandkids won’t be in danger w/DIL, but that she’ll screw up just enough to get the kids out of her custody. Is that awful? I don’t care. You all have been through so much drama this year that you need some good news and resolution.

I’ll keep praying for everyone in your family. Please keep us posted and try to find a minute to take care of yourself.

beerab says 22nd December @ 12:33

I hope the children are alright- I’m a worrier honestly! I will also pray things work out and you guys get to see the children soon.

Joy says 23rd December @ 7:51

I sooo hope that the kids are okay and safe and that just maybe this new stuff with her will be just the thing DS needs to get custody???
I will keep all of you and your SIL in my prayers.

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