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Nothing new on Kim.  She’s still unresponsive and on a respirator.  The neurologist told my brother they’ll begin trying to take her off the respirator on Saturday but it looks like it’s going to be a long time before we really know anything.  She’s had some response to pain on her right side.  Jerks her arm and moves her leg when they inject her or change her IV.  All I want for Christmas is a miracle.

In other venues, life moves on.  Today is the last day before Christmas break begins.  My students have been wonderful and they’ve gone out of their way to give me hugs and offer prayers.  I’m touched.  I’ve had them creating holiday videos using the Animoto.com site and today we’re going to watch their videos.  I made two double batches of Sistah Pam’s much loved Oaty Bars and bought some Country Time lemonade for them.  It should be a pleasant day.

Some new drama from DIL.  She’s claiming she doesn’t have a phone anymore and I know that’s not true because she can’t live without a cell phone glued to her ear.  Still, she’s told the social worker that she doesn’t have one.  I’ve placed two calls to the social worker and DS has called him twice without getting a return call.  In the meantime, the weekend is here and he still doesn’t have any visitation set up.  This will be the second weekend in a row that he hasn’t been able to spend with the kids.  I suspect DIL is doing it deliberately to try to keep him from seeing them over the holidays but DS says he’s calling the caseworker’s supervisor today to see what can be done.

It’s worrisome.  DIL doesn’t just crash and burn when she goes off the deep end.  It’s always preceeded by strange, unprovoked incidents where she’s just plain mean.  I’m afraid that’s what’s happening and it scares me.  There’s been nothing going on and there’s no reason for her to suddenly be out of touch.  Even if she doesn’t have a phone, she has my cell phone and home numbers and could easily call me to set something up.  I’d like to think everything is okay but past experience has taught me that something isn’t right.  I’m getting angry at the caseworker.  I left a message for him last week that I didn’t have any way to contact her to set up visitation and I would have thought he’d be all over that.  Maybe he’s mad because DS got on his case about sending them both for testing at the same time.  Whatever’s going on, it shouldn’t be happening.



paperskin says 18th December @ 7:02

I hope Kim shows more responsiveness today. It is so scary how you can be totally fine one day and not the next. As for DIL… this is a suggestion, but I have a cell phone plan that is $16 a month. You get 50 mins a month, just for emergencies. I know the last thing you want to do is pay for anything for her, but if this is what it will cost to see the kids, then maybe it is an options. Of course I wouldn’t offer to pay the bill, but rather give her the $16 a month for the plan. I think her number would turn up real soon if you did this. I hope this isn’t what you are saying, a dramatic move, because if it is, then I would suspect that she’s going to get even meaner. Perhaps the stress of the holidays is getting to her, she must know that she’s in for a lump of coal from Santa this year.

patty says 18th December @ 7:08

Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t believe for one minute that she doesn’t have a phone. She’d give up food if she had to but not her phone.

Under the circumstances, with me being the middle man for visitation, she could just pick up a phone and call me. If not having a phone is the problem, she could just use the one at work or stop off at a payphone. I’d love to solve the problem for $16.00 a month but I know that’s not what’s going on.

Susan says 18th December @ 8:23

Hi Patty ~ thinking of you!

Glad your school kiddos are being champs for you. They certainly know they are blessed to have you. Wish I could sit in on some of those videos!

missmel17 says 18th December @ 13:52

I’m keeping both your brother and his girlfriend in my prayers and thoughts. That is just so unreal–someone so healthy and fit and full of life and something so out of the blue–a stroke…it really makes me see my own health in a different life.
I love teenagers. My students were always so understanding and kind and compassionate–alll the things that they are stereotyped as not being. They will surely enjoy the oat bars and lemonade.

sunnydaze says 18th December @ 15:45

A little good news about Kim. Hopefully, you will see a Christmas miracle indeed.

I agree that something sounds screwy with DIL. I think something is brewing. Time will tell…

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