Too busy to be sick

I’ve been sitting here for the last hour trying to decide whether or not to call in sick.  Finally came to the conclusion that I can’t.  I’ve just got too much going on today.  I have a cold (flu?) and I’m coughing and achy and my nose is all stopped up.  I woke up at 4:00 so stuffed up that I couldn’t breathe.  Used some nasal decongestant and laid around in bed trying to get back to sleep but it didn’t work.  I really need to call in sick but here’s what’s on today’s agenda.


First period today, there are two people coming in from ECE at the board and they want to help me set up a classroom set of laptops and install some special software on them.  I can’t call and tell them not to come because I can’t remember their names and don’t have phone numbers for them.
Then, of course, I have my own classes second and fifth periods and I hate to miss the day because they’re just now transitioning from one topic to another and they’d be just killing time playing with online websites if I’m not there to introduce them to the new topic.  Not that I’d mind that but we’re running behind where I want them to be and I don’t want to leave a sub holding the bag when I don’t have a good lesson plan for them to use.  That’s just asking for trouble.
I have to be in another teacher’s class third period to take her students through a lesson on how to use video in the classroom and I don’t want to cancel out and leave her holding the bag.
After school, we have a faculty meeting and, if you miss a faculty meeting, you have to come in at 6:45 the next morning to make it up and the boys and I would all have to go in early tomorrow.  I’m sure we’d all love that.
After the faculty meeting, I have to bring the twins home and then turn around and go back to school for an ROTC Booster Club meeting at 5:00.
Yeah, all in all, it’s not worth it to call in sick.  I thought about taking the boys to school and sticking around a couple of hours to get the  laptops set up and put together a lesson for my students but I figured I’d be lucky to get away with working half a day and I’d still have to drag myself in early tomorrow to make up the faculty meeting.  I’m feeling like such a martyr right now that I can’t even get a break when I’m sick as a dog.
Enough griping…I’m going to grab a hot shower, throw on some jeans and drag myself into work to hack and sneeze and pass whatever I’ve got to everyone in the building.


6:00 a.m. update – Woke up the boys and Steven is sick and says he’s staying home.  Must be nice.


susan says 8th December @ 9:37

Jeeze, Patty ~ I hope your day goes swiftly and you are back in your fuzzy slippers before you know it.

Some days it’s really tough to be a grown-up 🙂

beerab says 8th December @ 10:39

Feel better- that’s how I feel today- sort of sick but I can’t call in cuz there is too much to do! Downed some medicine and out the door I go! yay…. eh….

brseay says 8th December @ 20:25

You have to makeup faculty meetings????? Wow, that’s a new one.

Only another teacher can truly understand how it’s so much more work to stay at home when you’re sick. I couldn’t have imagined having to put together lesson plans last week when I was out after my dad died. Yet another reason I’m thankful I switched to the counseling office.

I hope the day went well, and I hope your principal knew how sick you were yet came anyway.

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