Made it home yesterday afternoon.  We didn’t get to do much.  The weather was colder than usual and Mom preferred to stay huddled up in the RV.  We arrived late  Tuesday afternoon and didn’t do much except get the RV set up for Mom and clean up the cabin.

Wednesday, we moved furniture around and I did some heavy duty cleaning.  A couple of neighbors came to visit and brought us some brown eggs fresh from that morning.  Thursday I fixed a pretty good Thanksgiving dinner with baked ham, sweet potato casserole with Splenda, corn casserole, green beans, homemade biscuits and Derby Pie.  Not a lot of dishes but it worked out perfectly.  I wasn’t overwhelmed with cooking and yet our plates were full and there were plenty of leftovers for Thursday evening and Friday.  I cut grass on Friday.  Got the major areas taken care of.  I would have liked to get it all done but it was over my head and the going was slow.  Still, I got the bulk of it and will finish up over Christmas.  We left Saturday morning after packing up and drove up to the bookstore that Mom loves.  She got enough books to last her for the winter and I picked up a few myself.  I read one on the way home called Walter’s Purple Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde.  I really enjoyed it and plan to look for other books by the same author.  She also wrote Pay it Forward.  I didn’t read the book but enjoyed the movie immensely.

We pulled over at a Walmart Saturday night and I’d planned on going shopping but the parking lot was packed so I just curled up on the couch in the RV and read for a while before hitting the bed. 

Arrived home yesterday afternoon after dropping Mom off at her house (an hour’s drive south of us) and here we are.  Hopefully, I can find out what you chickies have been up to.


beerab says 30th November @ 11:21

Sounds like a nice holiday 😀

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