We’re the only ones up.  I’m trying to post and the cat wants to walk on the keyboard.  The coffee cakes are ready and waiting.  I’ll take them to work today and I can feel like I’ve done my part for tomorrow’s session.  I’ll wake up in some Walmart parking lot tomorrow morning and know that my coffee cakes are helping enrich someone’s life.  What more can they ask of me?

I gave up before I got finished packing yesterday but there’s not a lot to do.  I have to throw some towels in the RV and make the beds but that won’t take long.  I have to gather odds and ends for recipes.  There’s no sense in buying herbs and spices in Florida when I’ve already got them here.  If I get home from work by 3:00, we should be able to hit the road by 4:00 and pick up Mom around 5:00.  DH is off all day so I can call him and run him ragged doing last minute stuff from the comfort of my desk.  We’d like to make it to Calhoun, Ga. tonight but there’s a Super Walmart just before Chattanooga that allows overnight RVs so we can always pull over there if it’s getting too late.  The days of driving all night after working all day are long gone.  We don’t do that anymore.  We’ll be at the property on Tuesday.  It’s just a matter of getting there early in the afternoon or late afternoon.  Since we never know what we’ll find, we like to get there early.  We don’t usually have any problems though.  Just throw the breakers and turn on the furnace.  The grass will probably be waist high but I’ve got all week to work on that.

Time to hit the showers.  I’ll be out of internet range for the next week or so but you can picture me lying in a hammock with a good book or soaking up the moonlight in the clawfoot tub.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, girls!


incontrol2day says 23rd November @ 8:46

I hope you have TONS of fun and joy on your family trip. Happy Thanksgiving to you too 😀

Have a safe drive!

beerab says 23rd November @ 11:34

Have a great time!!

brseay says 23rd November @ 17:38

I’m so glad that you’re leaving early. Take a swing in the hammoc for me 🙂

Joy says 28th November @ 15:58

Hello Patty! 🙂
How was your trip?
I hope that you all had a wonderful time.

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