My big plan fell through.  I started yesterday with $20.00 and managed to run it up to $60 before I started losing it.  Lost every penny and tried another $20.00.  I was determined to either lose it all or win big.  So what’s big?  I would have quit if I hit $200.00.  Instead, I pushed it up to $78.00 and then crashed in a ball of fire.  At that point, I figured I was still $44.00 ahead for the trip so I quit.  I kept wanting to quit when I got up around $50.00 or $60.00 each time but I figured that’s what I always do so I was going to push the envelope.  Not exactly big bucks we’re talking but pretty risky for a tight-fisted chick like me.  It was fun while it lasted.

Made it home in time to get my breasts mashed and manipulated through a mammogram and ultrasound.  Of course, they said everything looked okay.  Hello!  I told you that.  Don’t you people ever look at the previous films?  The last two or three times, they’ve told me they needed to redo the mammagram because something looked a little fishy and I’ve told them it’s scar tissue from my breast reduction.  I guess the lesson for this week is “Better safe than sorry.”

I requested a personal day for Tuesday a couple of weeks ago and never heard anything so I assumed it was a no go.  Just before I left work Thursday afternoon, I got an email from the boss lady and she approved it.  Of course, I’ve made other plans since then.  Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife asked if the two of us could do a coffee cake session for teachers all day Tuesday to show them how to use their new Smart document cameras and wireless slates.  I told him that would be fine.  I went to him Thursday after the boss approved me for a personal day and asked if he could do it himself if I brought a couple of coffee cakes in on Monday.  He says he can’t.  I asked if he wanted to reschedule it.  He says he wants to do it on Tuesday so they can play with the equipment over the Thanksgiving break.  Crap!  I don’t like to make commitments and then break them but I want to have that extra day for our Florida trip with mom.  I told him I’d think about it over the weekend and call him Sunday to let him know my decision.  I feel guilty.  I always feel guilty when I’m doing something selfish for myself.  Just sitting here writing about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no reason we can’t reschedule this for the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Another consideration is that he could actually use my sub on Tuesday to cover his classes as well as mine (since they meet at different times) and be able to work with teachers without having to keep an eye on his students in the corner of the library.  Am I a weasle?  Trying to wiggle out from under a commitment I’ve already made?  It sure feels like it.  I honestly can’t see what the big deal is.  The email telling teachers that we’d be hosting a coffee cake session on Tuesday didn’t go out until Thursday morning so no one has had to change their plans.  They just have an invitation to drop in the library to enjoy a piece of coffee cake while we show them how to use the new equipment. 

I requested a personal day on Tuesday because DH has taken vacation days for Tuesday and Wednesday and he didn’t tell me until a couple of weeks ago that we could actually take off on Monday afternoon instead of Tuesday.  We could drive halfway on Monday afternoon after he gets off work, pull the RV over around 9:00 p.m. and finish the trip on Tuesday morning putting us in Madison around 1:00 or 2:00 Tuesday afternoon.  That would give us Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Florida before we have to head home Saturday.  Even though we travel in the RV, it’s still rough on Mom to make the entire trip in one day so we always do it in two days.  That means we’ll spend the majority of 4 days on the road.  Hardly seems worth it to drive down there just to have Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday. 

Can I rationalize or what?  I think the reason I feel so guilty is that I hardly ever miss work and I just took off yesterday to go to the doctor so that would be two days within a single week.  What is it about doctors these days anyway?  It seems like whatever procedure you need to have done has a particular time slot and they all happen to be right in the middle of the day.

On the home front…I called DIL and asked her if DS could have the kids this weekend since he’s not working today or tomorrow.  She made it seem like a terrible inconvenience but “after trying to figure out what she could do” she called back and said that would be okay but she wouldn’t be able to bring them over until around 9:00 last night.  She showed up, didn’t come to the door, and I walked out on the porch to get them.  DIL was in the driver’s seat and her boyfriend was with her.  Scout told me Mommy came home and told Mark to hurry up and get ready because they were going to go out!  I hate having to ask her everytime DS wants to see the kids because she always makes it seem like I’m asking her for a favor and she’s “granting” it.  I guess I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.   I can’t help feeling angry and bitter every time I have to deal with her.  She loves being in control and I just have to swallow my pride and do what I have to do to make arrangements for DS to spend time with the kids.  At least he got them for the weekend.  He’s supposed to bring them over this evening because I only got to see them for a few minutes last night before he took them home.

Lots to do today.  I have to figure out the food for the trip and go to the store since we’re not towing the car and won’t be able to run in town without having to unhook the RV and deal with all the hassle that’s involved with that.  I need to clean the house.  I need to clean and start packing the RV.   Later, chickies!  Have a wonderful day!


brseay says 21st November @ 20:22

Promise me you’ll leave on Monday! It would be different if you told PAUL to figure it out himself, but the idea of having the sub cover all classes so he can be available is a true winner. You’re bringing coffee cake, he can meet w/the teachers and then they can play w/the info over break if they want to. In the last 3 days I learned of 3 people I know that lost parents or spouses this week–not to be gloomy but you don’t want to take anything for granted. Take the break and don’t feel a bit guilty–you know PAUL wouldn’t if he was the one leaving.

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