I’m cheap.  No…I’m smart.  I don’t gamble big bucks.  I allow myself my twenty bucks and that’s all the loss I’ll take.  Then again, if I double or triple it, I quit.  I don’t take chances and I don’t take risks.  I know the odds and I’m a tight-fisted gambler.  Of course, you don’t win if you don’t take chances.  Today, I’m taking a chance. 

We’re at the caseeno and I can stay until 11:00 and still make it home for my doctor’s appointment.  I feel lucky.  I’m going down to the caseeno in a few minutes and spend some money.  Last night, I started with $4.00, took it up to $18.00 and cashed it out.  Then I took $20.00 and ran it up to $60.00 and cashed it out.  DH still wasn’t ready to call it a day so I took another $10.00 and cashed it out when I got to $40.00.  I’m ahead $82.00.  I usually come out ahead because I STOP when I’m ahead.  Today, I feel risky.  I’m going to take my twenty and, if I lose it, I’ll quit.  BUT if I win, I’m going to keep going.  If I get up to $40.00, I’m leaving the penny slots and moving up to the dime slots.  It’s one thing to risk $.45 with each spin but you never win more than a few bucks.  Being as conservative as I am, I always quit when I’m ahead. 

Reading this, you probably think I’m nuts.  Feeling like I’m taking some real risks by moving up to the dime slots when I usually stick to the pennies.  What can I say?  I’m conservative.  Cheap.  Tight fisted.  It goes against the grain for me to spend three or four bucks everytime I spin the slots.  I still won’t spend more than $20.00 but I’m going to keep going if I’m winning.  I feel lucky.  So I’m going downstairs.  Wish me luck!


Sunny says 20th November @ 9:50

Well, the thing is, if you ‘keep going’, there is only one outcome possible. Ending up with zero of that $20. Unless you stop “keep going” at some point, but then you won’t have kept going. :: giggles :: Hope it turned out well!

round says 20th November @ 9:58

That’s how I “gamble” too. It’s never been an appealing pastime for me – I’ve gone a few times w friends but always stick to a certain amount of money to spend (and never go over it) and like you if I get ahead, I stop.

Boring? Or smart?

cici says 20th November @ 11:11

Cashing out when you are ahead is smart — not tight-fisted. Just think of all the people who are “loose” with their money…they go home broke. I say keep doing what you are doing because it is working (though it is fun to take a risk on occasion).

susan says 20th November @ 16:20

GO FOR IT! 🙂 🙂 🙂

brseay says 20th November @ 23:17

I know there’s an analogy for diet/weight loss in there but I’m too tired and brain dead to figure it out. Maybe I’ll be more clear headed tomorrow.

I hope you win the big jackpot!!!!

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