One big blur

That’s what the last week or so has been.  I tried to get on a couple of times but the site was down.  What’s up with that?

All I’ve done lately is work.  Work at school, stay after work at school and bring work home with me.  I’m definitely looking forward to the Thanksgiving break.  We went to Mom’s last weekend for her 87th birthday.  She’s really looking forward to going to our place in Florida for Thanksgiving.  I wish I could think of something special to do while we’re on the trip but I can’t.  She’s excited just to take a road trip in the RV, go to the discount book store in Georgia and stop for chicken at Bojangles.  I think we’re going to plan a big bonfire one night.  The stars are beautiful at the cabin.  There aren’t any major towns or cities around and the sky is spectacular at night.  I think she’ll enjoy that.

We also got together with our friends Rick and Pam last weekend.  Met them at a party and hung out Saturday afternoon and evening.

Other than that, it’s pretty much the same old thing.  I want to touch base and see how some of you are doing.  I’ve missed everyone!


susan says 17th November @ 7:40

When you mention your Mom, I always picture her stuck on a fence… God bless her ~ 87, huh?

I hope the stars are especially bright for you this year.

incontrol2day says 17th November @ 9:46

the site was down for a long time. on the forums they said it was due to a “cyber attack” so it’s not just you.

Happy birthday to your mom! Have a great trip.

Joy says 17th November @ 19:10

hello Patty,
I am so glad that you had a nice weekend. It sounds like you have nice plans for Thanksgiving. My DH has to work not only Thanksgiving but Christmas. He tried to put in for his last two vacation days for these but the mayor said no OT at all. So we will celebrate later when he gets home.
Awwww your mom sounds like a sweetie.

brseay says 17th November @ 23:01

I hear ya! We were supposed to have a half-day inservice next Weds. but with budget cuts it has been cancelled and I can’t wait!!! Only a 2 day week. Bring it on 🙂

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