To Tunica and back

Got home yesterday evening around 6:00.  I had hoped to get caught up on some blogs but the rebel in me wouldn’t allow me to pay $14.99 for wifi at the hotel.

How was Tunica?  Not that great.  Of course, it was great to get away and relax for a couple of days but, as for Tunica, been there, done that and it was no big deal.  Our hotel room was nice but I didn’t realize that it was not at the caseeno.  That’s not something they let you know when you book a room.  The caseeno was about a mile and a half away and you had to catch a shuttle or drive.  It wasn’t like you could decide to run downstairs and play for a few minutes.  The pool AND hot tub were closed for the season and the hotel didn’t even have a restaurant.  Just an overpriced snack bar that sold pastries, coffee, and sandwiches.  Harrah’s caseeno was nice enough and we ate at Paula Deen’s buffet one night.  I don’t know Paula Deen.  I’ve heard of her and know that she does a cooking show or something but I tell you what, that woman can cook!  This was the first time I’ve ever been to a buffet where everything was to die for.  It’s a good thing we kept winning free buffets at another caseeno because if I’d eaten at Paula Deen’s everytime, I wouldn’t have been able to get my seat belt around me on the ride home.

The slots at Harrah’s were really tight so we drove down the road to Hollywood Caseeno and spent most of our time there because we got a free buffet dinner on Friday, free breakfast buffet on Saturday and free dinner buffet on Saturday.  Not Paula Deen’s by any stretch of the imagination but given the choice of a freebie or $17.99, we went with the freebies.  Yeah, I know, we’re cheap.

As for the slots, I’m not going to be able to retire.  I kept winning but DH was losing more than I was winning so we came out about $100.00 in the hole.  Not bad for three days of playing.

The weather was great and we managed to watch a couple of movies and unwind a little bit.  Watched Julia and Julie, Pelham 123 and the Maiden Heist.  There was also an Outlet Mall in Tunica and I got a couple of shirts for the boys and three tops and a sweater for DGD, Holly.  She came over yesterday evening and tried them on. 

It’s that time again, time to roust the boys and hit the shower.  Today starts a new trimester at school and I’ll have all new students.  I can only hope they’re of the same caliber as the ones I’ve had for the past 12 weeks.  Guess I’ll find out.

6:30 a.m. update – My pants are too tight and I feel like a slug.  Looks like today is going to be a carrot and celery day to try to undo some of the damage.  Definitely going to hit the treadmill when I get home.


beerab says 9th November @ 11:01

Oh yeah the thing Paula Dean is known for is her heart attack food- at least that’s what I call it. If that woman could she’d marry butter! lol. 😉

firefly says 9th November @ 14:28

Paula Deen once deep fried butter. So there ya go. Her food is awesome, but I can feel my arteries clogging just reading her recipes. She’s the one I sometimes watch while on the elliptical and think “you know, this probably is counterproductive!”

New trimester, new start!! LOVE IT!! Come on, Patty. You can do it!!

susan says 9th November @ 20:09

Glad you got an escape! How’d you like the julia/julie movie? Last night, I raided my son’s stash for a movie and watched “I Am Legend” ~ a scary movie about an epidemic. How apropo for these times. Spent half the time with my fingers in my ears and had to watch an episode of “Monk” to calm myself down. 🙂

round says 10th November @ 5:48

I hate paying for overpriced hotel wifi too – and I’m not cheap most of the time, it’s just that those prices were maybe warranted 6 years ago when they were buying equipment, today it’s just ripping us off…

Paula Deen buffet sounds good but dangerous — but a few celery days should quickly undo any harm done.

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