Short timer

Short week but a busy one.  We’re off Thursday and Friday and DH and I are heading for Tunica on Thursday. 

Today, I have to work and then decide what I’m going to do about a controversial faculty meeting, home-school my whiney kid and then meet some friends for dinner at Sistah Pam’s.  She’s having lap band surgery on the 10th and this is what she calls “The Last Supper”.

About that faculty meeting…teachers are expected to leave Tuesday afternoons open for whatever comes up in the way of staff meetings.  In our case, that means every Tuesday we have to stay late.  We got an email last Wednesday saying this week’s meeting would be on Monday and we were expected to be there.  I, like many others, already have plans for this afternoon.  I have to teach my home school session from 2:45 to 3:45, take the twins home and go to Pam’s for dinner.  I told one of the APs that I couldn’t make it and he said, “Everyone has an excuse but you have to be there or you have to discuss it with the principal.  You’ve known about this since Wednesday and it was mentioned on the training day the first of October.”

If it was mentioned on the first of October, I sure don’t remember it and giving me notice last Wednesday doesn’t do a thing for me.  I really get my back up when someone infringes on my personal time because I have so much stuff going on all the time it’s very difficult to make changes.  Tomorrow, I had set aside time for the faculty meeting, then I have to home school the other kiddo and then I have an ROTC meeting to get things set up for the holiday fair.  Wednesday, I have to home school both kiddos after school because I have to see them twice a week on regular school days and we’re off Thursday and Friday so I have to cram in two sessions with each of them in three days.

Better get ready for work.  I’m getting testy.


missmel17 says 2nd November @ 12:51

I miss teaching, but I do NOT miss the games that the administration plays–seems like those little things happen way too often than not and I hear you on it rankling your nerves. Teachers give far too much time and money to their jobs, but it never seems to be enough. If you’re testy, it must be November!

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