Made it home yesterday afternoon.  We didn’t get to do much.  The weather was colder than usual and Mom preferred to stay huddled up in the RV.  We arrived late  Tuesday afternoon and didn’t do much except get the RV set up for Mom and clean up the cabin.

Wednesday, we moved furniture around and I did some heavy duty cleaning.  A couple of neighbors came to visit and brought us some brown eggs fresh from that morning.  Thursday I fixed a pretty good Thanksgiving dinner with baked ham, sweet potato casserole with Splenda, corn casserole, green beans, homemade biscuits and Derby Pie.  Not a lot of dishes but it worked out perfectly.  I wasn’t overwhelmed with cooking and yet our plates were full and there were plenty of leftovers for Thursday evening and Friday.  I cut grass on Friday.  Got the major areas taken care of.  I would have liked to get it all done but it was over my head and the going was slow.  Still, I got the bulk of it and will finish up over Christmas.  We left Saturday morning after packing up and drove up to the bookstore that Mom loves.  She got enough books to last her for the winter and I picked up a few myself.  I read one on the way home called Walter’s Purple Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde.  I really enjoyed it and plan to look for other books by the same author.  She also wrote Pay it Forward.  I didn’t read the book but enjoyed the movie immensely.

We pulled over at a Walmart Saturday night and I’d planned on going shopping but the parking lot was packed so I just curled up on the couch in the RV and read for a while before hitting the bed. 

Arrived home yesterday afternoon after dropping Mom off at her house (an hour’s drive south of us) and here we are.  Hopefully, I can find out what you chickies have been up to.

We’re the only ones up.  I’m trying to post and the cat wants to walk on the keyboard.  The coffee cakes are ready and waiting.  I’ll take them to work today and I can feel like I’ve done my part for tomorrow’s session.  I’ll wake up in some Walmart parking lot tomorrow morning and know that my coffee cakes are helping enrich someone’s life.  What more can they ask of me?

I gave up before I got finished packing yesterday but there’s not a lot to do.  I have to throw some towels in the RV and make the beds but that won’t take long.  I have to gather odds and ends for recipes.  There’s no sense in buying herbs and spices in Florida when I’ve already got them here.  If I get home from work by 3:00, we should be able to hit the road by 4:00 and pick up Mom around 5:00.  DH is off all day so I can call him and run him ragged doing last minute stuff from the comfort of my desk.  We’d like to make it to Calhoun, Ga. tonight but there’s a Super Walmart just before Chattanooga that allows overnight RVs so we can always pull over there if it’s getting too late.  The days of driving all night after working all day are long gone.  We don’t do that anymore.  We’ll be at the property on Tuesday.  It’s just a matter of getting there early in the afternoon or late afternoon.  Since we never know what we’ll find, we like to get there early.  We don’t usually have any problems though.  Just throw the breakers and turn on the furnace.  The grass will probably be waist high but I’ve got all week to work on that.

Time to hit the showers.  I’ll be out of internet range for the next week or so but you can picture me lying in a hammock with a good book or soaking up the moonlight in the clawfoot tub.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, girls!


On the road again.

I’ve decided.  We’re heading for Florida tomorrow afternoon.  I asked Mom if it would be okay to leave on Monday instead of Tuesday and she said that would be wonderful.  Little sister called me later and said Mom went to the store and bought a new pair of pants and blouse (in case we went somewhere special) and called her hairdresser to get her hair done tomorrow morning.  She told little sister that she’s really excited about the trip.  That was enough for me.  What’s pretty much a routine outing for DH and I is the highlight of her year and just about the only time she gets more than ten miles from home.  I’ll call Paul today and tell him I’m not going to be there on Tuesday.  He has two choices: take advantage of my sub for his classes and I’ll bring coffee cakes to work tomorrow or reschedule the session.

I cleaned my bedroom and did laundry yesterday.  I know that doesn’t seem like much but I couldn’t stand my bedroom anymore.  I washed the draperies and put them back on the rods.  Took the rods outside and balanced them across the pool ladder and let them dry in the fresh air.  Cleaned all the windows inside and out.  Even scrubbed the ceiling.  Washed the walls, cleaned out the closet, organized my shoes (DH was quick to point out that I now have fifty seven pairs even though I set aside six pairs for Goodwill) and cleaned out all my dresser drawers.  When I went to bed last night, the room smelled so fresh and clean.  Wish the entire house was like that.  While windexing a big picture on the wall, I decided I didn’t like it and thought about recycling the existing frame and matting on another print.  I bought the picture at a garage sale and it’s by an artist named Hubert Rickert.  DH is weird about stuff like that.  Always thinks we have hidden treasure in some of this junk and didn’t want me to do it until he had time to research the guy.  This was all he could find:

Born near San Bernardino in Highland, CA on March 16, 1912.  “Bud” Rickert studied at the Chouinard School of Art under Millard Sheets.  He began his art career at the Disney Studios in the 1930s.  A lifelong resident of his native city, he died on May 10, 1991.  His work includes paintings, scrimshaws, collages, and etchings.
Edan Hughes, “Artists in California, 1786-1940”

Of course, now he wants to keep the ugly picture just like it is because the guy was old and he was mentioned on an art site.  It’s a painting of an old Mexican mission and I’d rather replace it with this:

  I love the bright colors and abstact nature of this picture and it would fit perfectly in the frame.  Maybe I’ll try to get in there and put this picture over the other one when he’s not looking.

I have lots to do today.  Have to change the sheets in the RV and wash the linens.  We haven’t used it for a few weeks so it probably needs freshening up.  I need to get a grocery list and fill the cabinets and fridge.  DS brought the kids over last night and we watched “Up” and then they all spent the night.  I’d better get them up and moving.



My big plan fell through.  I started yesterday with $20.00 and managed to run it up to $60 before I started losing it.  Lost every penny and tried another $20.00.  I was determined to either lose it all or win big.  So what’s big?  I would have quit if I hit $200.00.  Instead, I pushed it up to $78.00 and then crashed in a ball of fire.  At that point, I figured I was still $44.00 ahead for the trip so I quit.  I kept wanting to quit when I got up around $50.00 or $60.00 each time but I figured that’s what I always do so I was going to push the envelope.  Not exactly big bucks we’re talking but pretty risky for a tight-fisted chick like me.  It was fun while it lasted.

Made it home in time to get my breasts mashed and manipulated through a mammogram and ultrasound.  Of course, they said everything looked okay.  Hello!  I told you that.  Don’t you people ever look at the previous films?  The last two or three times, they’ve told me they needed to redo the mammagram because something looked a little fishy and I’ve told them it’s scar tissue from my breast reduction.  I guess the lesson for this week is “Better safe than sorry.”

I requested a personal day for Tuesday a couple of weeks ago and never heard anything so I assumed it was a no go.  Just before I left work Thursday afternoon, I got an email from the boss lady and she approved it.  Of course, I’ve made other plans since then.  Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife asked if the two of us could do a coffee cake session for teachers all day Tuesday to show them how to use their new Smart document cameras and wireless slates.  I told him that would be fine.  I went to him Thursday after the boss approved me for a personal day and asked if he could do it himself if I brought a couple of coffee cakes in on Monday.  He says he can’t.  I asked if he wanted to reschedule it.  He says he wants to do it on Tuesday so they can play with the equipment over the Thanksgiving break.  Crap!  I don’t like to make commitments and then break them but I want to have that extra day for our Florida trip with mom.  I told him I’d think about it over the weekend and call him Sunday to let him know my decision.  I feel guilty.  I always feel guilty when I’m doing something selfish for myself.  Just sitting here writing about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no reason we can’t reschedule this for the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Another consideration is that he could actually use my sub on Tuesday to cover his classes as well as mine (since they meet at different times) and be able to work with teachers without having to keep an eye on his students in the corner of the library.  Am I a weasle?  Trying to wiggle out from under a commitment I’ve already made?  It sure feels like it.  I honestly can’t see what the big deal is.  The email telling teachers that we’d be hosting a coffee cake session on Tuesday didn’t go out until Thursday morning so no one has had to change their plans.  They just have an invitation to drop in the library to enjoy a piece of coffee cake while we show them how to use the new equipment. 

I requested a personal day on Tuesday because DH has taken vacation days for Tuesday and Wednesday and he didn’t tell me until a couple of weeks ago that we could actually take off on Monday afternoon instead of Tuesday.  We could drive halfway on Monday afternoon after he gets off work, pull the RV over around 9:00 p.m. and finish the trip on Tuesday morning putting us in Madison around 1:00 or 2:00 Tuesday afternoon.  That would give us Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Florida before we have to head home Saturday.  Even though we travel in the RV, it’s still rough on Mom to make the entire trip in one day so we always do it in two days.  That means we’ll spend the majority of 4 days on the road.  Hardly seems worth it to drive down there just to have Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday. 

Can I rationalize or what?  I think the reason I feel so guilty is that I hardly ever miss work and I just took off yesterday to go to the doctor so that would be two days within a single week.  What is it about doctors these days anyway?  It seems like whatever procedure you need to have done has a particular time slot and they all happen to be right in the middle of the day.

On the home front…I called DIL and asked her if DS could have the kids this weekend since he’s not working today or tomorrow.  She made it seem like a terrible inconvenience but “after trying to figure out what she could do” she called back and said that would be okay but she wouldn’t be able to bring them over until around 9:00 last night.  She showed up, didn’t come to the door, and I walked out on the porch to get them.  DIL was in the driver’s seat and her boyfriend was with her.  Scout told me Mommy came home and told Mark to hurry up and get ready because they were going to go out!  I hate having to ask her everytime DS wants to see the kids because she always makes it seem like I’m asking her for a favor and she’s “granting” it.  I guess I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.   I can’t help feeling angry and bitter every time I have to deal with her.  She loves being in control and I just have to swallow my pride and do what I have to do to make arrangements for DS to spend time with the kids.  At least he got them for the weekend.  He’s supposed to bring them over this evening because I only got to see them for a few minutes last night before he took them home.

Lots to do today.  I have to figure out the food for the trip and go to the store since we’re not towing the car and won’t be able to run in town without having to unhook the RV and deal with all the hassle that’s involved with that.  I need to clean the house.  I need to clean and start packing the RV.   Later, chickies!  Have a wonderful day!

I’m cheap.  No…I’m smart.  I don’t gamble big bucks.  I allow myself my twenty bucks and that’s all the loss I’ll take.  Then again, if I double or triple it, I quit.  I don’t take chances and I don’t take risks.  I know the odds and I’m a tight-fisted gambler.  Of course, you don’t win if you don’t take chances.  Today, I’m taking a chance. 

We’re at the caseeno and I can stay until 11:00 and still make it home for my doctor’s appointment.  I feel lucky.  I’m going down to the caseeno in a few minutes and spend some money.  Last night, I started with $4.00, took it up to $18.00 and cashed it out.  Then I took $20.00 and ran it up to $60.00 and cashed it out.  DH still wasn’t ready to call it a day so I took another $10.00 and cashed it out when I got to $40.00.  I’m ahead $82.00.  I usually come out ahead because I STOP when I’m ahead.  Today, I feel risky.  I’m going to take my twenty and, if I lose it, I’ll quit.  BUT if I win, I’m going to keep going.  If I get up to $40.00, I’m leaving the penny slots and moving up to the dime slots.  It’s one thing to risk $.45 with each spin but you never win more than a few bucks.  Being as conservative as I am, I always quit when I’m ahead. 

Reading this, you probably think I’m nuts.  Feeling like I’m taking some real risks by moving up to the dime slots when I usually stick to the pennies.  What can I say?  I’m conservative.  Cheap.  Tight fisted.  It goes against the grain for me to spend three or four bucks everytime I spin the slots.  I still won’t spend more than $20.00 but I’m going to keep going if I’m winning.  I feel lucky.  So I’m going downstairs.  Wish me luck!

Up early this morning.  DGS, Andrew, has a National Honor Society meeting this morning.  Forty minutes before school starts.  This is the first time they’ve met this year.  I do a lot for DGS, Steven, with ROTC so  I figure I have to give time to National Honor Society to be fair.  I don’t understand how they can meet so early.  Surely this is not a time that works for all the kids.  I  know some of them ride the school bus and their arrival time is not flexible.

At any rate, DH wanted me to take advantage of a free room, buffet breakfasts, and buffet dinners at Grand Victoria Caseeno since I’m taking off work tomorrow for a doctor’s appointment.  We’ve had the freebies coming for some time but they’re only good on Monday through Thursday.  Sistah Pam’s coaxing pushed me over the edge yesterday afternoon so I called and made a reservation.  We won’t be able to leave until I get off work today and it’s a little more than an hour’s drive so we’ll head out as soon as I can get home.  Have a nice dinner, spend the night, have breakfast and still be able to get home before I have to be at the doctor’s.  Not quite the same as a romantic weekend getaway but still, it’ll be a good break.

Gotta run.  The boys would not be happy if I get them up thirty minutes earlier than usual and then I’m not ready when it’s time to leave.


Ho Hum…

Can’t really think of anything exciting going on today.  The most exciting thing yesterday was a new battery for my laptop.  Mine stopped working last April and I’ve been waiting for a new one since then.  I’ve had to keep it plugged in and the second I unplugged it, it shut down.  Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife is in charge of ordering them and he swears that he’s had it ordered since I first filled out a work order last April.  At any rate, it finally came in and I feel absolutely untethered!  Of course, now the left button on my track pad has worn through, has a hole in the plastic covering and sticks occasionally.  I guess I can put in a work order but it might be obsolete by the time some one comes to fix it. 

I’ve been trying to figure out what to fix for Thanksgiving dinner.  DH has decided not to pull the car to Florida so I know he’s not going to want to unhook the RV and run to town a lot.  My neighbor in Florida is a total sweetheart and I know she’ll let us use her car if we need to but she’s gone almost all the time.  Guess I should go ahead and figure out what we’ll need and take it all with us.  I’ve got a turkey breast in the freezer and six spiral cut hams (I got them on a fantastic sale) but Mom LOVES the way I fix pork tenderloin with mango chipotle sauce so I might fix that.  I really want to avoid going overboard this year.  After all, it’s just DH, Mom and I.  Still, DH has his favorites and Mom has hers.  DH wants homemade yeast rolls but I don’t want to do that at the cabin.  Too much work and very little room.  Maybe I can talk him into homemade biscuits.  Mom loves corn casserole and that’s an easy preparation but she also loves sweet potato casserole and DH can’t have it because he’s diabetic.  Wonder if Mom would be able to tell the difference if I make it with Splenda instead of brown sugar…

I’m rambling.  Better get off here and get ready for work.  I’m taking a sick day Friday because I have a doctor’s appointment and decided to take it on a Friday.  If I have to take off, I might as well make it a long weekend.  Get today and tomorrow over with and the week is over!


One big blur

That’s what the last week or so has been.  I tried to get on a couple of times but the site was down.  What’s up with that?

All I’ve done lately is work.  Work at school, stay after work at school and bring work home with me.  I’m definitely looking forward to the Thanksgiving break.  We went to Mom’s last weekend for her 87th birthday.  She’s really looking forward to going to our place in Florida for Thanksgiving.  I wish I could think of something special to do while we’re on the trip but I can’t.  She’s excited just to take a road trip in the RV, go to the discount book store in Georgia and stop for chicken at Bojangles.  I think we’re going to plan a big bonfire one night.  The stars are beautiful at the cabin.  There aren’t any major towns or cities around and the sky is spectacular at night.  I think she’ll enjoy that.

We also got together with our friends Rick and Pam last weekend.  Met them at a party and hung out Saturday afternoon and evening.

Other than that, it’s pretty much the same old thing.  I want to touch base and see how some of you are doing.  I’ve missed everyone!

Every single time DS makes even the tiniest ripple in the waters, idiot caseworker immediately sends him for an alcohol test.  He called him yesterday and told him he had to take one before 6:00.  David left work a few minutes early so he could go pee in a cup.  There goes $30.00.  After that, he went to his “anger management” counseling and paid $50.00 to have the counselor walk in and say “i don’t feel well.  I’ll give all of you credit for being here but we’re just going to sign in and leave.”  She didn’t bother to refund their money.  Eighty bucks worth of jumping through hoops.

What a scam. 

Enough about that.  I try to keep from dwelling on it but I go through stages when my anger gets the best of me and I still can’t believe how this all turned out.

Moving on…today is an easy day.  I met my new students Monday and they seem like a pretty good bunch.  Yesterday, we watched a “Did you know?” video on Youtube and it generated an interesting conversation about the advances of technology.  We also discussed copyright infringement and I’m always amazed at how justified they feel about downloading pictures, games and songs without paying for them. 

Nothing going on after school so I should be home by 3:30.  Yay!!!


I woke up at 4:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Sometimes I wake up and my head starts wrapping around some of the DIL crap and I get so angry and upset that I can’t get back to sleep.  I laid in bed thinking about throwing a rock through her windshield (oh, I mean DS’s windshield since she took his car when she left) or going postal on the CPS offices.  DS talked to the caseworker yesterday because he wanted some paperwork that he already has.  DS has sent it to him TWICE and he doesn’t know what happened to it.  I asked to speak to him because I wanted to know how long I’m supposed to be stuck in the middle of all this.

DS – “Howard, I have to work tomorrow.  I sent you the paperwork in the mail and you said you didn’t get it.  I faxed it to your office and you said you didn’t get it.  I’ll fax it again tomorrow morning but I don’t understand why you don’t already have it and I can’t take off work to bring it to you.  I’m giving the phone to my mom.  She wants to talk to you.”

Me: “Hello, Howard?  This is Pat, I wanted to ask you if anything is being done about setting up structured visitation on a set schedule because I don’t want to constantly have to call Stacy and ask if DS can see the kids and have to be here for her to drop them off or pick them up.”

Caseworker: “Who is this?”

Me: “This is Pat, David’s mother.”

Caseworker: “Pat who?”

Me: “Pat R.  David’s mother.”

Caseworker: “You should identify yourself when you talk to someone.  How am I supposed to know who you are?”

Me: “What?  I did.  I just told you I’m David’s mother.  Pat R.”

Caseworker: “I was unlocking a door and put my phone down for a minute.  I guess I didn’t hear you.”

Me (wanting to say, “Then maybe you shouldn’t put your phone down when you’re talking to someone!): “I want to know when visitation is going to be set up at a regular time.”

Caseworker: “What do you have to do with the visitation?  It’s already been set.”

Me: “No, it hasn’t.  Everytime David wants to see the kids, I have to call Stacy and ask her if it’s okay and make arrangements for her to drop them off and pick them up at my house.  If I can’t be here, he can’t get the kids.”

Caseworker- “Why do you have to call?  Why can’t David call?”

Me: “Because there’s a no contact order between David and Stacy so I have to be the go between.”

Caseworker: “Why do you have to be the go between?”

Me: “Because that’s the way the court set it up and the judge said she wanted the no contact order lifted so they could work out visitation.”

Caseworker: “Why doesn’t he have the no contact order lifted?”

Me: “He tried that.  They said Stacy has to do it because she took the order out.”

Caseworker: “Oh.  Well, I don’t have the paperwork with me right now so I don’t know about that.  She has full custody so you and your son will just have to work with her so he can see them.”

Me: “No, she doesn’t have full custody.  They have shared custody but she has primary residential custody.”

Caseworker: “Oh.  I thought she had full custody.  Is he paying his child support?”

Me: “Yes, it’s always paid.  In full, on time.”

Caseworker: “That’s good.  He really needs to keep up with that.  That’s important.”

Me: “You haven’t answered my question.  When are arrangements going to be made so that David can have set visitation so I don’t have to continually call Stacy and ask if he can see them?”

Caseworker: “That’s something David and Stacy have to work out.”

Me: “That’s what I’m saying.  She doesn’t want to work it out.  She wants me to call her everytime he wants to see the kids and she decides whether or not he can.  I have to set it up.  I really don’t like doing that.  To be honest, I don’t want to have to call her and ask her permission for him to see them.”

Caseworker: “Is she not letting him see the kids?”

Me: “No, she usually lets him see them but it’s very irritating to have to call her and ask if he can see the kids.  She enjoys the power that comes from deciding whether or not she’s going to bring them over and whether or not he can see them on any given day.”

Caseworker: “Well, he’s the one who said he can’t pick them up after school anymore.  He used to see them everyday but he said he can’t do that anymore.  I had to work with her to get her 4Cs childcare after school. That was his decision.”

Me: “What?  He has a job.  He can’t pick them up.  He has to work when they get out of school.”

Caseworker: “Well, that’s something they have to work out.  I have to go now, I’ve got another appointment but you can call me anytime you need something.”

ARRGGHH!  Should I call him now?  At 4:00 a.m.?


To Tunica and back

Got home yesterday evening around 6:00.  I had hoped to get caught up on some blogs but the rebel in me wouldn’t allow me to pay $14.99 for wifi at the hotel.

How was Tunica?  Not that great.  Of course, it was great to get away and relax for a couple of days but, as for Tunica, been there, done that and it was no big deal.  Our hotel room was nice but I didn’t realize that it was not at the caseeno.  That’s not something they let you know when you book a room.  The caseeno was about a mile and a half away and you had to catch a shuttle or drive.  It wasn’t like you could decide to run downstairs and play for a few minutes.  The pool AND hot tub were closed for the season and the hotel didn’t even have a restaurant.  Just an overpriced snack bar that sold pastries, coffee, and sandwiches.  Harrah’s caseeno was nice enough and we ate at Paula Deen’s buffet one night.  I don’t know Paula Deen.  I’ve heard of her and know that she does a cooking show or something but I tell you what, that woman can cook!  This was the first time I’ve ever been to a buffet where everything was to die for.  It’s a good thing we kept winning free buffets at another caseeno because if I’d eaten at Paula Deen’s everytime, I wouldn’t have been able to get my seat belt around me on the ride home.

The slots at Harrah’s were really tight so we drove down the road to Hollywood Caseeno and spent most of our time there because we got a free buffet dinner on Friday, free breakfast buffet on Saturday and free dinner buffet on Saturday.  Not Paula Deen’s by any stretch of the imagination but given the choice of a freebie or $17.99, we went with the freebies.  Yeah, I know, we’re cheap.

As for the slots, I’m not going to be able to retire.  I kept winning but DH was losing more than I was winning so we came out about $100.00 in the hole.  Not bad for three days of playing.

The weather was great and we managed to watch a couple of movies and unwind a little bit.  Watched Julia and Julie, Pelham 123 and the Maiden Heist.  There was also an Outlet Mall in Tunica and I got a couple of shirts for the boys and three tops and a sweater for DGD, Holly.  She came over yesterday evening and tried them on. 

It’s that time again, time to roust the boys and hit the shower.  Today starts a new trimester at school and I’ll have all new students.  I can only hope they’re of the same caliber as the ones I’ve had for the past 12 weeks.  Guess I’ll find out.

6:30 a.m. update – My pants are too tight and I feel like a slug.  Looks like today is going to be a carrot and celery day to try to undo some of the damage.  Definitely going to hit the treadmill when I get home.


Slow down, dammit!

The past week (maybe longer) has been a mad rush.  Every day, every minute.  The only time I’ve taken a breather has been dinner at Sistah Pam’s Monday night.  That was two hours of takin it easy with friends and even that seemed rushed because we were all trying to get caught up with each other and the conversation was going a hundred miles an hour.  It’s been totally crazy.  I’ve jumped out of bed, done a quick post and hit the day running.  And now, I’m running away.  DH and I are leaving for Tunica in a couple of hours.  That’s a six and a half hour drive and I’m sitting here looking at my nails and thinking about being able to give myself a manicure, use my blackberry to catch up with some of you chickies and just relax.  Whoo Hoo! 

DH usually works from 4:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. four days a week.  He said he was only working a half day today so I guess he’ll be home around 10:00.  I need to get some clothes packed and be ready to hit the door when he gets here.  I guess, even now, I don’t have time to just relax.  I’d love to get my hair cut before we leave.  Maybe, if I play my cards right, I can squeeze it in.  So, I guess I can have a cup of coffee this morning but I can’t linger to see if it’s good to the last drop.

Yeah, now that I think about it, we’re supposed to be leaving in two hours and I have a lot to do.  I’d better get off here and get packed.  I’m looking forward to catching up on some blogs in the next couple of days.



Another quickie

Got up earlier this morning but used the time to try to catch up on some emails for work.  I didn’t get home until 7:00 last night and then Steven needed lots of help with his homework so I didn’t do anything but help him, watch a few minutes of So You Think You Can Dance and hit the bed.

Today’s another long one.  Go to work and then home school my two kiddos until 5:00.  After that, I’m hoping to get a haircut. 

Sistah Pam corrected me yesterday.  She’s having gastric bypass.  Not lap band.  She goes in Tuesday and will be in the hospital for a few days.  Here’s (((((BIG HUGS))))), Pam!

Gotta run.  Last day of work for the week.  Tomorrow, we head to Tunica.  Maybe I’ll win a fortune and be able to retire!


Just a brief…

This time change has been messing with me.  I slept a few minutes later than usual and all I can think about is today’s schedule.  I woke up, looked at the clock, and hit the shower.  Now I can only think about what I have to do to be able to call it a day.

7:15 – Be at work
2:45 – Home School whiney kid
4:00 – Home School little sweetheart
5:15 – Back to school for ROTC Booster Club meeting (again…)
6:30 – Head home
7:00 – End of another twelve hour day

As you can probably guess, I rescheduled yesterday’s home school session for today because I stayed for the controversial staff meeting.  Which didn’t end until almost 4:00.  On a brighter note, had a great dinner with the girls at Sistah Pams!


Short timer

Short week but a busy one.  We’re off Thursday and Friday and DH and I are heading for Tunica on Thursday. 

Today, I have to work and then decide what I’m going to do about a controversial faculty meeting, home-school my whiney kid and then meet some friends for dinner at Sistah Pam’s.  She’s having lap band surgery on the 10th and this is what she calls “The Last Supper”.

About that faculty meeting…teachers are expected to leave Tuesday afternoons open for whatever comes up in the way of staff meetings.  In our case, that means every Tuesday we have to stay late.  We got an email last Wednesday saying this week’s meeting would be on Monday and we were expected to be there.  I, like many others, already have plans for this afternoon.  I have to teach my home school session from 2:45 to 3:45, take the twins home and go to Pam’s for dinner.  I told one of the APs that I couldn’t make it and he said, “Everyone has an excuse but you have to be there or you have to discuss it with the principal.  You’ve known about this since Wednesday and it was mentioned on the training day the first of October.”

If it was mentioned on the first of October, I sure don’t remember it and giving me notice last Wednesday doesn’t do a thing for me.  I really get my back up when someone infringes on my personal time because I have so much stuff going on all the time it’s very difficult to make changes.  Tomorrow, I had set aside time for the faculty meeting, then I have to home school the other kiddo and then I have an ROTC meeting to get things set up for the holiday fair.  Wednesday, I have to home school both kiddos after school because I have to see them twice a week on regular school days and we’re off Thursday and Friday so I have to cram in two sessions with each of them in three days.

Better get ready for work.  I’m getting testy.



Spent the entire weekend reupholstering that chair from the RV.  Damn!  That thing was a bear.  It’s done, though.  Finished.  Fait accompli.  I was going to take a picture but I can’t find my camera and I’m too daggone tired to look for it.  All I want to do is sweep up all the thread and fabric pieces, put my sewing machine away and sit in the spa for awhile.  Think I’ll have a beer while I’m at it.  A glass of wine would be more fitting but I’m too tired to use a corkscrew. 

Maybe I’ll check in with everyone after I ease some of the aches and pains.  I feel like I’ve been wrestling with that chair for two days but I think I won.