Friday, potluck, fake payday, nice weather!  What more could you ask? 

I did okay at potluck yesterday.  Ate some of my baked ham, a baked sweet potato, green beans, and some apple crisp made with oatmeal and Splenda brown sugar.  Today shouldn’t be much of a problem.  We have lots of leftovers.

Fake payday today!  Since they went to mandatory direct deposit, it never feels like a real payday.  Getting handed that stub just isn’t quite the same but I should reap the rewards of some of the overtime I’ve been racking up.  This check should reflect the optional parent conference day I worked, some ESS, and some home school hours.  I had another session with the whiney kid yesterday but we worked in the family room instead of the kitchen so Mom didn’t hover quite as much but she still popped in a couple of times.  The kid didn’t do half of the homework I assigned her and Mom said she just didn’t understand it.  Yeah, sure.

Last night, DH pointed out that this time next week, we’ll be in Tunica.  He said a friend at work told him that we’ll be passing the original Cracker Barrel restaurant on the way down and they have a buffet.  Big Papa got all excited about that.  Hope we pass it at an inconvenient time.  I already have to contend with the Paula Dean Buffet at the caseeno.  That’s my definition of sin city.  Actually…after thinking about it for a couple of minutes, I don’t think I do too bad at buffets.  They’re all made up of that kind of heavy, comfort food and that’s not my favorite.  I usually load up a plate and then just kind of pick at it and feel bad about leaving an overflowing plate for the server to pick up.  Still, I’ve already recognized that my leftovers are not going to impact some poor starving child in China so I’m okay with letting it just get thrown out.   I’d much rather have small portions of really good food than an overflowing plate of comfort food.

I’m going to set up a workspace in the family room and begin tackling the reupholstery project this weekend.  I know I’m going to feel really good about redoing that chair for less than fifty bucks.  I forgot to get cording so I need to pick some up after work today.  Guess I’ll go by after I finish home schooling.

Gotta run, Chicklets!  Have a fantastic Friday!


brseay says 30th October @ 7:12

Real payday…fake payday…who cares, it’s PAYDAY!!!!

Have a fantastic weekend, you so deserve it. I hope the overtime bucks are HUGE 🙂

susan says 30th October @ 7:42

Patty, your post about the buffets reminds me of a popular one we have up here by us. Once I visited it, saw what it was and marveled over the amounts of food available and the size of the people partaking in it, once was enough. I still get a kick out of taking 3 or 4 hungry teenage boys up there now and then. You’re right about the “comfort food” ~ lots of bready and breaded items.

Have fun with your project this weekend. I loves a good project 🙂

round says 30th October @ 11:26

I feel like you about payday – since it’s all automatic it feels much less real…

Glad it’s the weekend here too!

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