The Gorgeous Blogger Award gave me an incentive to get moving.  And then, I was thinking about how we’re all struggling with one thing or another. Always trying to do what we need to do.  Always working toward bigger and better things.  And I decided we need different awards for different things.  Hence: I created the Chickie Awards shown below.  Please feel free to copy them or link to them and share with others.

I’m so excited!  I’ve got to work on my acceptance speech.  What do you think I should wear?

And the winners are:

Straight and Narrow Award:


Go-Go Chick Award:

Just DO IT Award:


Strut Yer Stuff Award


Sunny says 27th October @ 19:03

Pat, this is so unexpected and SO SO KEWL!!!! Thank you very much! 😀

paperskin says 28th October @ 8:56

Thanks Patty! It is an honour to be nominated 🙂

susan says 28th October @ 9:27

Patty, WHERE did you find those chickies? They are a hoot!

and, Thank-you….Thankyouverymuch! I’m workin’ on my speech.

brseay says 29th October @ 17:13

I notice that your name isn’t anywhere on the list. You could fit into any of those categories. You are such an inspiration to so many of us and I value your words of wisdom. Maybe a “what would I do without you” award should be created and…I nominate you!

round says 30th October @ 10:37

Patty, this was SUCH a good idea, and I feel so honored to have been nomiated (twice). It really means a lot to me, thank you.

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