A new life?

DS surprised me yesterday.  He began talking about going back to school.  Looking at changing careers.  I think he’s been shocked at how many resumes he sent out and how he hasn’t heard anything.  A few days of working construction and not getting any bites to a position as a chef have gotten him thinking about making changes.  I wish he would.  He’s always had a good reputation in the restaurant industry but it’s highly demanding and I’d love for him to look in new directions.  In the space of a couple of years, he’s gone from a family man with custody of two beautiful kids and a  decent job as the head chef of a restaurant to an unemployed man who has lost his family, his car, and his dreams.  If there was ever a time to look at making serious life changes, it would be now.  I think it might restore some of his battered self esteem and help him look beyond his current situation.

Of course, he’s not unemployed.  He’s working but it feels pretty temporary.  He comes home covered in drywall dust and totally exhausted and I can’t see him doing this forever.  His boss is a good friend of his and will keep him working but it’s not really DS’s niche and so he still considers himself jobless.  If he’s not cooking, he’s not doing his thing.  I hope he can find another “thing” that isn’t so physically demanding and has a future to it.

In fact, he’s downright shocked that he hasn’t received a single bite and he must have sent at least 50 resumes to positions offered on Craig’s List.  He’s been replying to ads for months and he’s become convinced that he’s doing it wrong.  He clicks on “reply” on a listing and the email pops up but it’s not his email carrier so he copies the address line to his AOL email, copys the subject line, attaches his resume and sends it out.  I’ve checked how he’s doing it and it all seems correct but, like him, I’m really surprised that he hasn’t gotten a single reply.  I’m not sure how Craig’s List works but it seems like he’s doing everything correctly.

I called DIL last night and asked if DS could have the kids from 6:00 p.m. Saturday when he gets off work  and keep them until he drops them off at school Monday morning before going to work.  She seemed delighted.  I’m actually surprised she didn’t say he couldn’t keep them Sunday night because it’s a school night but she seemed okay with it.  In spite of everything, she knows he’s been the one who got them to school everyday for four years.  I know the deal about not letting him have them on school nights was just a ploy to force him to take them on weekends but, now that he’s working, weekends are about the only time he can spend with them.

DH and I were going to take off in the RV when I got home from work today but, last night, he told me that Rick’s father died.  Rick is a dear friend and we’ll be going to the funeral today.  I think….I don’t know if he got the news late or what but DH told me visitation and the funeral are today.  I’ll have to check that out.  It doesn’t even give me time to send flowers.  I don’t know how we missed hearing about it until the last minute.  The man was really struggling with Alzheimer’s and I guess it was expected.  Rick told me he wasn’t doing very well a couple of weeks ago.


Joy says 16th October @ 6:18

My Uncle did that when he could not find work in his old area of work and he looked to see where the demand was and went to nursing school and now has a really good job, great benefits, and high pay. My Uncle is a body builder so you would never think of him as a nurse but he is a great one! 🙂
I jope it works out well for your DS. Patty have a great time this weekend.

Joy says 16th October @ 6:19

hope not jope sorry

beerab says 16th October @ 10:19

Right now every industry is hurting- I would tell him keep looking. I’m sure the emails are sending as well. I mean the thing that is popping up is probably just outlook express so copying and pasting the email into his AOL is right. I would just copy/paste the email into my gmail. It took me 13 months to find a new job and then 4 months after that to get this current job.

Nowadays resume’s are rarely read right off the bat- people are looking for keywords, when I was applying I had multiple resumes worded slightly different. Look at the keywords on the jobs then make sure they are in your resume, specially under skills.

Also he might be so overqualified that he is intimidating jobs. Usually craigslist jobs aren’t very sophisticated… So he can either dumb down his resume a bit or look in other areas. Has he tried monster? career builder? Chefsjobnetwork.com? I googled “culinary positions” and that came up!

I hope he finds something soon!

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