Yeah, I guess I have to face the facts.  Summer is over and winter is chomping at the bit.  Woke up and decided to go out to the spa for a few minutes but the rain is really cold and I didn’t feel brave enough to run for the spa.  I’m not flexible enough to make the adjustment from a warm cozy bed to a dash in the cold rain within a ten minute timespan. 

After all the stress from yesterday, DH and I have decided to go off in the RV this coming weekend.  I’d like to leave Friday but I know DH has a lot of stuff to do here at home so it might be Saturday before we can get out of here.

Busy day today.  Aren’t they all?  I’ve got to go to work, finish up the school newsletter, get off work and bring the boys home and then rush over to teach my home school kiddo.  If I get home in time, DGS wants me to take him to Balfour to pick out his senior ring.  They’re open until 8:00 on Thursdays.

Not much else going on.  DS called his attorney again yesterday and the guy said, “You don’t have to sign anything.  All this stuff is already taken care of and you pay child support so she’s on her own about daycare.”  After he talked to his attorney, he called the caseworker and the guy said, “No, no.  All I need you to do is fill out a financial statement so we can apply for daycare assistance.  You’re not agreeing to pay for anything.  It’s just to see if you and Stacy qualify for assistance based on your joint income.”  He’s still not feeling comfortable with doing it, however.  It’s really difficult to trust these people anymore.  At any rate, it seems logical that I ought to call Stacy this evening and see about arranging visitation before he fills out anything.  It might make her a bit more flexible with what he wants if she needs him to fill something out.


Joy says 15th October @ 6:49

The caseworker is lying. If he fills out ANY forms then HE will be responsible for any missed payments. They are not married and so since SHE has custody the school bases their income/qualification based on HER income alone. The social worker is flat our lying to your DS. He should LISTEN to his laywer and not sign anything until he gets the sheet and puts it in front of his lawyers face , the laywer reads it and says okay or not okay.
I hope that you and your DH have a wonderful, realxing, fun weekend!

beerab says 15th October @ 10:34

I agree with Joy- he needs to take the paper to his lawyer- I was JUST about to say I don’t think they need his income if she has custody. I’m sure your lawyer will say don’t sign it.

Good luck.

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