I’m freezing!  Don’t know why.  The air conditioning is set at 70 and it’s 75 outside but I woke up freezing.  If I had time, I’d got out to the spa but I’ve squeezed the last possible bit of time out of the bed this morning and have to get my shower in a couple of minutes.  That’ll have to do. 

Pretty uneventful weekend.  Sistah Pam called and offered to kidnap me Saturday afternoon so we went to The Concrete Lady in Indiana and then to Huber’s winery for lunch.  It was nice to get out and enjoy a good time with a good friend.  (Especially since she took her 380Z with the top down.)

We had a family meeting.  Oldest DS says he’s moving to Florida the first of October.  Youngest DS can’t do much more than he’s already doing.  In fact, if everyone worked as hard as he does, I’d have the cleanest, most organized house in Louisville.  He cooks, he cleans, he does laundry, he washes my car.  I can’t ask anymore of him.  If nothing else, DIL trained him well because he’s always taken care of everything for her.  The twins are on notice.  Clean your room, do your laundry, if you make a mess, CLEAN IT UP!

DIL hasn’t called all weekend so DS and I don’t know what we’re supposed to do with regard to the kids.  He picked them up from school on Thursday and Friday but she picked them up early both days and said, on Friday, she’d call me over the weekend to let me know what was going on this week.  She really enjoys keeping us hopping and there’s nothing we can do but take it.  DS did get a call from someone at CPS Friday morning at 7:08 a.m.  Of course, he was still asleep but he got the message when he got up at 8:00.  Just some man leaving a message that consisted of his name and asking DS to call.  We’re hoping it’s the new caseworker.  He called a half dozen times Friday and several times on Saturday but all he could do was leave messages.  PLEASE let it be a new caseworker.

3:45 – Good day at work.  Got the job done, kids did a great job, and hit the door at 2:45.  Still in the honeymoon phase.  I know there won’t be a lot of days when I can get out that early but it’s nice to do it when I can.

Never did hear anything from DIL.  DS called me and I told him she hadn’t called so we figured she’d made other arrangements.  She doesn’t answer the phone at work.  Not allowed personal calls.  Still…I got to worrying around 2:00.  What if she hadn’t made any arrangements?   I guarantee it would somehow be our fault that the kids weren’t taken care of.  So I took a chance and called.  She answered the phone although she said never to call her at work because they’re not allowed to have cell phones on.

“Stacy, I just wanted to check and make sure you made arrangements for the kids to be picked up after school.  I know you said you’d call but I just wanted to double check.”

“Well, I get off at 6:00 today and I haven’t had a chance to find out anything about daycare.”

“So….have you arranged for anyone to pick them up after school?”

“No, like I said, I haven’t had a chance to work anything out.”

“Do you want David to pick them up after school and bring them over here?”

“Yes, because I don’t have any other arrangements made.  If I get off early, I’ll call you because I’m tired and I want to pick them up as soon as I can and get home.”

So casual.  So unconcerned.  No arrangements made.  No phone call.  Just a general assumption that someone will take care of it.  Damn!  I guarantee you, if I hadn’t called, the kids would have been sitting at school without anyone picking them up and it would somehow have been DS’s fault.  It burns me up that this kind of stuff is going on and there’s no one who cares.  No one to report to.  No one checking up on her.

Good news! I hope!  DS finally connected with the guy who called Friday morning and he is, indeed, the new caseworker.  He didn’t get a chance to talk to him because the guy was on the run.  Just confirmed that he’s the new caseworker and said he’d be getting in touch.  I hope he’s fair and open minded.  I hope he hasn’t been fed a load of BS from the other caseworker.  Still, DS said with his luck, the guy will probably be sleeping with DIL before the end of the week.  Yeah, I know, get a grip, Patty, and think positive.


Sistah Pam says 17th August @ 7:13

Glad the family meeting is over, hope that it hit home with oldest son. By the way, we took my baby Z, a 1993 Nissan 300ZX, just want to get the facts straight! Had a good time too, look forward to wherever the roads take us next – maybe the Shelbyville Flea Market? I’ve always wondered why its called a flea market? Hang in there, kiddo, things will work out!

beerab says 17th August @ 12:39

You are doing good in taking back control over your life 🙂

I hope it’s also a new caseworker! Any news about a new lawyer?

brseay says 17th August @ 15:03

It has to be a new caseworker! Things are looking up 🙂

beerab says 17th August @ 16:00

Let’s pray it’s not that and this guy has some morals…

canadianchunky says 17th August @ 16:59



brseay says 17th August @ 18:47

Even if he’s compromised by the first caseworker it sounds like the GAL would set him straight.

And make sure you document, document, document just like canadianchunky said.

Glad you got out of school early, aka on time. Maybe try to do that once a week no matter what and fit in a good workout, pedicure, time in the spa, whatever.

firefly says 17th August @ 20:26

Glass half-full Patty – the new caseworker is going to be AWESOME! This is a good thing, step in the right direction. Onward and upward from here on out! 😀

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