8:30 a.m. – I just got up and I’m going to have some coffee and then get my stuff packed in the RV. I was right about work yesterday. It was a killer. There were several new presenters scheduled for Friday only and I had to deal with the same issues as before. People not reserving the right equipment or not knowing how to operate it. I was running the halls all morning trying to get everything running smoothly. Around lunchtime, DS showed up to help me but there wasn’t much we could do until the seminar was finished and we could start collecting all the equipment. They didn’t have a closing speaker or final gathering. We just had to wait until almost 4:00 when the individual sessions started ending and then hit the rooms as they were emptying. Once they did, we were flying down the halls, gathering TV/DVD units, computers, projectors, speakers, etc., returning them where they belonged, and marking them off the list. My ankle was swollen and painful and I could barely drag myself out to the car when we finally finished at 6:00.

Elementary teachers are so much fun to work with. There were lots of big hugs and accolades. I kept expecting someone to give me a gold star. They all called me “Miss Pat” and made me promise to help out next year. I hope I get to. The principal is still pretty perturbed about the lack of organization but I have some ideas to help them with that and hope she’ll relent and let our school host them again next year.
This week was exhausting and we decided to wait until this morning to leave for vacation so I could ice my ankle and get a good night’s sleep.

There was one bad thing that had me upset. DS received a summons to court on Monday from DIL. She “claims” she was given the wrong time for last Monday’s hearing and the court has redocketed the case. Damn! I can’t believe how she gets away with that stuff. It doesn’t seem to matter what she does, someone is always giving her another chance. Reading her version of what happened on the report sickened me. She’s twisted everything and the entire report is a pack of lies. She says she’s very scared of DS because he’s extremely violent and he attacked her. Says she was afraid to leave her children alone with him because he was acting like a madman and she was forced to get some friends to help her “rescue” her children. Says she was taking Jake out the door when DS grabbed him and dragged him away from her and his foot was cut. She says she has been denied access to her children and knows they’re afraid of their father. She says, “I know my children are traumatized and can only imagine what thoughts are going through their heads to see their mother attacked and their father taken away by the police and then to have their safety jeopardized by having the police come back a couple of days later and take their mother away leaving them alone with their father who terrorizes them. They must be scared to death. This is no way to treat children. They will not be able to develop properly living in an environment where they must be fearful and on guard every minute.”


I wish I could somehow, through osmosis, touch someone and have them understand how she is. It’s frightening that she can twist and manipulate the situation to make herself and the kids come out as victims. The kids are victims, alright, but not from being held captive by a violent and angry father. It’s quite the opposite. The scary thing is that she not only twists things to convince others, she manages to convince herself that things are totally different than they really are. I’ve had her stand there and lie to me about things I’ve witnessed and tell me black is white and she can do it with a conviction that boggles the mind.

Now I’m worried about taking the boys with us on vacation but we’ve decided to do it anyway. We mentioned it to the social worker when she was talking with us and she didn’t see a problem with it except that she didn’t want to spoil our vacation. She wanted to hold off on court until we got back but that’s not an option now. She won’t be back in town until Monday and DS has to be in court first thing Monday morning before he has an opportunity to speak with her. He tried to call her yesterday but her cell phone is turned off. I don’t blame her. She deserves to relax on her vacation but it forces us to make a difficult decision. If the court decides to give custody to DIL or allows her visitation, they may order DS to produce the kids and we’ll be a thousand miles away with them. Still, they’re excited and looking forward to it and DS has full custody of them.  The decision was made when DS was unable to contact DIL because the court had granted him an EPO and he couldn’t contact her so we’ve decided to go ahead and take them. I believe the court will understand the situation. I even suggested we wait until Monday so I could go to court with DS but everyone vetoed that. So…I’m going to take my shower, throw my stuff into the RV and hit the road, Jack.

We’ll be out of wifi for most of our vacation but I’ll post when I can. You chickies take care and have a wonderful couple of weeks!


Sunny says 20th June @ 15:48

I’m just sickened that she’s getting another chance. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Have a wonderful trip sweetie…you’ve certainly earned it.

brseay says 21st June @ 13:44

I’m sure you’re on the road by now but I wouldn’t worry about taking the kids w/you. From what you said about the social worker she sounds like a stand-up gal, I’m sure she’ll confirm that she told you to take them with you if you wanted.

If it comes to it would it be possible to bring forth character witnesses for your son and against your DIL? That way it would be a bit more objective than family.

Enjoy your vacation, can’t wait to hear how that tub felt when you get back.

beerab says 22nd June @ 12:25

I hope you have a good vacation!

I don’t say this to be harsh or mean in any way but I hope your son has learned his lesson- I’m sure this situation isn’t making him happy- and the only thing I would say to him if I were in your shoes is “when this mess is over and life returns to normal, the next time you feel sentimental and think of giving her another chance, think about what you are going through now and ask yourself if it’s worth this drama?”

Hang in there!

round says 29th June @ 4:38

Enjoy your trip, Patty, and I look forward to your updates.

Susan says 1st July @ 8:39

I miss your posts, Patty! Hope you’re having a great time 🙂

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