OMG! I can’t believe it’s almost 10:00 a.m. I was incredibly exhausted last night and I took a Tylenol PM to make sure I slept well but I didn’t expect to sleep until 9:45! Crawled out of bed, walked in the kitchen and the sunshine is so bright I need shades. I washed all the downstairs windows Saturday but it was a little overcast Sunday and Monday so I didn’t get the impact until this morning.

This is my first “I’m in control” Day in quite a while. I’m going to sit here and plan accordingly. I want to eat healthy all day. I want to go to K-Mart to pick up my cholesterol medicine (which I’ve been out of for almost 2 weeks). I want to go to Habitat for Humanity to see if they have any nice, affordable plants. I want to clear out a space in my workout room which is once again full of boxes, suitcases, and junk. I want to lie outside and relax. Maybe I’ll start a new book. It’s been a long time since I had a day that was totally mine.

11:00 – Okay, I’ve got some coffee in me and I’ve touched base with a couple of you fabulous little chicklets. It’s time for me to hit the shower and get moving!

4:15 p.m. – The day isn’t going exactly like I planned it but I’m still feeling good about it.  I went with DS#1 to drop Andrew off at Jefferson Community College where he’s doing this summer internship thing at 1:30.  We left there and went to the University of Louisville where I needed to make a quick stop at the School of Education to sign some paperwork for an extended endorsement to allow me to teach technology in grades K through 12 instead of just 7 through 12.  Being there brought back memories of years of hardship and struggle as I tried to juggle kids, a full-time job as a dental hygienist, 3 paper routes, and tutoring on the side.  Several years that went by in a blur.

We left U of L and went to Habitat for Humanity.  This is the second time I’ve been there this year and I didn’t buy any plants.  Last summer, they’d practically pay me to take them.  This year, they have a new boss and the man is totally out of his mind.  Lowe’s sells flats of annuals for $12.00.  They always have a clearance section where things are half price.  If they don’t sell and get pretty rough, they donate them to habitat.  Last year, Habitat would sell them for $1.00 a flat.  This year, they’re selling them for $8.00.  That’s $2.00 more than Lowe’s charges before they’re donated.  I told the manager I wasn’t going to pay $5.00 for a withered perennial or $1.25 for a withered and beaten geranium that I could actually get a lot cheaper everywhere else.  He said, “Yes, but you get the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed to a good cause.”  Huh?? I’m not that altruistic.  Sorry….I’ll go to Lowes and get better plants cheaper.  The other guy working grinned at me and whispered, “He’s crazy.  No one is buying anything this year.”  I’m not surprised.

I left Habitat and went to Lowes where I bought a flat of annuals for $6.00 and a hanging boston fern on sale for $5.00.  Habitat wanted $8.00 for the ferns.

After we left Lowes, I stopped by a Redbox and rented Gran Torino for tonight.

Came home and DS#2 is here with the grandkids.  They’re both out in the pool splashing around.  DS wants to make me dinner.  Promises some kind of healthy, delicious feast.  I appreciate the offer of dinner but I told him I’ve only eaten a Subway sandwich at 250 calories and I’m not going to mess up my healthy day with something fattening.  Let you know later about what he comes up with.

I wonder what he told the kids.  They seem okay but I worry about them.  Poor babies.  They shouldn’t have to deal with scary things way beyond their control.  DS wants me to call DIL later and see if I can get his phone back.  All his contacts are in there and he’s feeling lost without it.  Not to mention that he just paid $300 for it.


beerab says 9th June @ 11:29

Have a good day!

brseay says 9th June @ 14:36

Isn’t it amazing how luxurious it is to simply read a book. Savor the quiet moments, you have definitely earned them.

beerab says 9th June @ 16:42

Yikes $300 I hope she didn’t sell it! I’m surprised the police let her get whatever she wanted without you guys being there to make sure she didn’t steal anything! I swear police can be so dumb sometimes! And I work for the sheriff’s dept!

firefly says 9th June @ 16:44

You are going to LOVE Gran Torino. Fantastic movie!! It was the first movie I reviewed on my movie review blog:

If I were you, I would not be contacting DIL in any way, shape or form. That sucks about his phone, but it’s not worth the aggravation! When I filed for divorce, my exH called the cellphone company from the state hospital and reported it stolen, had the passwords changed so I couldn’t reactivate it. And I was screwed because the account was in his name. She’s not going to do him any favors.

Sunny says 9th June @ 17:08

He ought to call the police, and file a complaint about what she stole from him. Seriously. Get a report from the police, with a file number, to add to his upcoming case.

and H4H -well, that manager- is stoopid. 😉

Joy says 10th June @ 7:22

Sunny that is a good idea! He needs to do that it will help him in the future with his case even if he never sees the phone again. Can he call the phone company and report it stolen so she cant use it????
Ahhh wonderful sunshine in a clean window. 🙂
I hope you rest, relax and get to read a good book.
Have a great day!

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