I did great up until about 9:00 p.m. yesterday and then I started EATING! Don’t know why. Dinner was really good. I had some soup and a fresh salad and I was eating and thinking how nice it was to eat something light and fresh. Got hungry a little while later and I ate some more soup and salad. A little while later, Steven brings some colby cheese, crispini crackers, and deli roast beef in the living room and I went nuts on it. Gotta be more careful tonight. If he brings out the snacks, I’ll just go to bed.

We have a two hour meeting after school today, 3:00 to 5:00, about the program Andrew’s interested in. They’re offering it to 150 kids out of the district. Twenty of them will be chosen from our school. All the paperwork is filled out and I guess we’ll learn more this afternoon.

Gotta run. I want to spend some time in a nice warm shower this morning and then coat my belly with calamine.

6:30 – Okay, I’m dressed and ready for the day.  Gotta wait another half hour for the boys to finish getting ready.  I’ve noticed that a lot of teachers are really looking casual since we finished testing last week.  I’m not sure but I think that probably contributes to the kids acting up.  There’s a casual “the year is over” attitude going around.  Noticed a lot of teachers wearing jeans, baggy tee shirts and tennis shoes or flip flops.  Our contract allows us to do that but it’s frowned on.  I wear jeans sometimes but I try to wear a nice jacket and blouse with them to dress em up.  I decided to go the other way today.  Wearing a nice pair of white pants with black embroidery at the hemline, a white blouse, and a gorgeous emerald green jacket.  I may regret it but I’m going to wear some green Barbie shoes, too.  Send a message…”Gimme some respect!”  Maybe the kids will be better behaved.  I feel more professional anyway.


Joy says 27th May @ 7:20

I wonder if it was the stress that had you so hungry? I know that stress hormone can really play havoc on the body .
Your outfit sounds too cute for words! have a great day!

leigh says 28th May @ 16:36

I hear you on the wardrobe concerns. The other teachers at my school are dressing way down too. As one of the youngest teachers in the building, I figure I’d better stay “in character” until the last day!

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