Seems like these last few days with students are really stretching out. Still seven more days. The rest of this week and Monday through Wednesday of next week. Then I’ve got to work Thursday and Friday.

I’ve done nothing all weekend but be a total slouch. Eat, sleep, eat, gamble, read, eat, sleep, read, gamble….I won $75.00 at the casino and DH lost $75.00 so we came out even. It was relaxing anyway. We parked the RV so that it faced the golf course and we’d go in the casino for a while and then go back to the RV. I kept winning and DH kept losing. I read a book and it’s been ages since I had enough time to do that. In fact, I have about five books that I’ve gotten about halfway through and then had to put them aside and have forgotten what I read so I’ll have to start over at some point. We came home and I washed my car and the RV and that’s about all I did all weekend.

Now, let’s see if I can shave one more day off that seven….

6:30 – Feeling really bad about the last five days. All I did was eat and eat and eat and eat. I don’t want to weigh myself but my waistband is tight and uncomfortable. Going for a perfect day. Eating well and working out. Checked in with 2008 Patty and she was lying around with a cold and a broken toe but, even so, she was eating better than me!

4:00 – Running on a perfect day with diet even though the stress level was through the roof at school. We had seven fights today. My wild bunch was wild and I left school to find that someone wrote on all the cars in the administrator’s parking lot. At least they stuck to the windows so I can wash it off. My car says “Be Proud, 09! U know!” on the rear window and “09!” on both side windows. Have to give them credit. It comes off easily and they kept it on the glass. I began to inventory and fix computers in classroom carts today. Got through one cart and it took me all day. Only 56 more carts to go. Each cart holds 30 laptops and one teacher laptop. Thought I might be able to set up an assembly line and get my wild bunch to help me last period but that was a disaster. Won’t try that again.

Feeling good about having a perfect day so far. I ate yogurt for breakfast and a Smart Ones entree for lunch. I’m planning on making leek, cabbage, potato soup and a salad for dinner. DS went over to see a friend that has a farm yesterday and came home with lots of leeks, cabbage, and broccoli. I was trying to figure out what to do with it and decided to saute leeks, onions, and cabbage with Pam, add potatoes and chicken broth, salt and pepper and stir in some milk towards the end. Will let you know how it turns out and how many calories.

I don’t want to work out. In reaction to the stress, I’ve broken out with hives all over my torso. It started about nine this morning and came on quick. I look fine on the outside but, if I pull up my shirt, I’m covered with itchy, burning hives on my back and stomach. I’ve had this happen a few times over the years. Stress will bring it on. It’ll go away in a few days but the last thing I need to do is get overheated and sweaty. In fact, I can’t wait to get out of my clothes and into some soft pajamas. Don’t know why I got it. I’m pretty good at hiding the stress on the outside but it gets to me nonetheless. After the relaxing weekend, you’d think I’d be pretty calm, cool, and collected.

Oh, BTW, “T” was at school today. Yay! Good AP intervened and talked Bad AP into giving him after school detention for three days. He was able to help me out for a couple of hours today.


Joy says 26th May @ 7:50

Sounds like you got some long overdue relaxation in. Good only 7 more days!!! That is not bad at all. Then you can concentrate on you and your health. I hope the week goes by fast for you.

brseay says 26th May @ 13:05

So glad you had a relaxing weekend. We still have 10 more days w/kids (counting today), I can’t wait until tomorrow and it’s single digits. We can make it until summer!! And then watch out, we’ll be unstoppable 🙂

susan says 26th May @ 20:24

Just think ~ tomorrow will be s.e.v.e. 🙂

Glad you had a series of lazy days, and glad you have “Mr. T” back under your wing.

I retrieved the pot tag that came with that red flower, but it is upstairs and I’m too lazy to go get it. I’ll post the whole name on my next riveting post.

Joy says 27th May @ 7:13

Glad that “T” was in school. That is good for him to be able to see his year though to the end.
I am sorry that you got hives. I hate those ! They can really itch and sting! I hope they go away soon.
To answer your Q to me on my comments.
Our 16 year old DS has 2 weeks left of school. Then one week off before he goes to a daytime behavioral intervention camp. He has been going to this for three years now and we LOVE it!! It lasts three weeks and is worth every cent!!!
My 10 year old DS has 8 days of full time school left and then i will go to 1/2 days. I have him do math drill sheets , read books and do book reports, do science, art , and cooking projects over the summer.
I hope the rest of your school days fly by and soon you will be basking in summer vacation glow!
have a wonderful , quick, stress free day Patty! 🙂

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