Yesterday was a bummer. Long day at work with lots of stuff I had to get done. I didn’t finish up until almost 4:00 and then went out to find that my car had a flat tire. Called AAA and then had to wait forever for them to get there. Stopped by Subway on the way home and picked up subs for dinner.

My wild kids were a pain yesterday. I guess I should rephrase that…most of them were really good but I had trouble from three or four of them. Got ready to go outside like I promised them and “A” stands whining. She has a headache. She doesn’t want to go outside. It’s hot outside. Why does she have to go? I had to go over the rules for how we walk down the hall. Stay beside me, no talking, we’re going straight down the hall to the end of the building and then out the doors to the courtyard. Didn’t get much further than halfway when “P” loudly announces that “D” can suck his……..They start argueing and making all kinds of racket and I have to stop and intervene. In the meantime, half the class has gone out the wrong door and I have to call them back in. Got out to the courtyard and “A” says the sun is too bright and it’s making her headache worse. I told her to sit on a bench in the shade and she said she didn’t want to. She wanted to go back inside. Why did she have to come? Why can’t she just stay in the room by herself? Informs me that this whole school is stupid! “P” says he needs to go to the restroom and I tell him he has to wait. He gets an attitude and starts getting belligerent and mouthing off about how he hates this effing school. I tell him to needs to shut his mouth and sit down. He just keeps on. I tell him I’m writing a referral and calling his Mom and he tells me what I can do with my referral and informs me that his Mom’s cell phone is disconnected so I can call all I want. Then he wants to know why “J” got to go to the restroom when he can’t. I look around and discover that “J” is missing. She wandered around the corner and left. When she finally gets back, I jump her case and she tells me she had to peeeee! So, I finally get them all back in before the bell rings and I’ve got three referrals and two phone calls to make.

nine more days………..

I have to teach a parent training session this evening. We have a bunch of money left in an account designated for parents and we have to use it or lose it. Phyllisann, Mike and I put together a workshop on helping kids keep sharp over the summer. Sent out flyers to three elementary feeder schools that will be sending us 6th graders next year and distributed one to all of our 1,700 students. There will be a catered meal and each parent will receive a flash drive with a bunch of resources on it. It was RSVP and we only got 40 reservations. The money can be used for parents (hence: free dinner and free flashdrives and drawing for prizes) but it can’t be used for us so the three of us will be working without pay all evening.

nine more days….

DS wants to know what’s wrong with my face. “It’s all puffy. You look terrible. Are you sick?” I don’t know what he’s talking about. I think I look the same as I always do. DGS comes downstairs and wants to know what’s wrong with my face. “It doesn’t look right.”

nine more days…………………

8:30 – I’m at work and Sharon, Paul, and Barbara want to know what’s wrong with my face. I think I should be allowed to go home and sit in a chaise lounge on the patio with cucumber slices over my eyes.

3:40 – Raced home from school to drop the boys off.  I want to freshen up my makeup and change clothes before I head back.  Phyllisann says she’s wearing a dress and heels.  Crap!


susan says 21st May @ 6:46

I can’t imagine behaving like “A” or “P”. How can you teach kids that can’t handled themselves and have no respect for authority?

Damn parents.

My hat is off to you, Patty!

Joy says 21st May @ 12:59

You take the WHOLE weekend and sit in that spa, have a glass of wine, talk a long walk, sleep in , take care of you.
You sound so tired. I feel bad for you.

brseay says 21st May @ 13:05

It’s situations like you went through today which confirms the fact that school employees should NOT be able to have weapons at school. Too much temptation.

beerab says 21st May @ 16:07

That’s why I say teachers need to be making a million dollars a year…

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