Andrew Rocks!

We went to the National Honor Society induction last night for DGS, Andrew. Turns out, he was one of only twelve kids who made the final cut. Twelve kids out of the entire school. I’m so daggone proud of him. For an ECE kid with a lot of handicaps in his way, he’s climbed to the top 4% of his class. Just goes to show you what dedication and hard work can do. He’s gone from self-contained ECE classes in middle school to full time regular classes with no accommodations and he’s excelled. It really did my heart good to see him beaming with pride. Didn’t do my heart much good when neither his mother or father attended. I told both of them about how important it was and made sure they knew the date and time. Andrew, however, didn’t seem to notice. To his way of thinking, I’m in the mama role and DH is the daddy. And I guess that’s okay.

On the school front, I promised the wild bunch (my 7th graders) I’d take them outside today. They’ve been begging and I told them if they could behave Monday and Tuesday, I’d take them outside. They’ve been really good so I’m going to give it a try. They’ll grab their laptops and we’ll go out in the courtyard and I hope they can enjoy class without acting like a bunch of idiots. I manage to keep them under control but I’ve learned that I have to be on them every minute. If I turn my back on them, someone’s going to act up. If I try to do anything other than give them my full attention, things will fall apart. As long as I keep them busy and keep a tight reign, we can get through each day. I hope they can show me that they can behave if I lighten up a little. It would be nice to do something fun with them these last few days.


susan says 20th May @ 7:13

Please give Andrew a hug from me ~ what a wonderful accomplishment! I can’t understand where his mom and dad are coming from… when our DS clips his toenails, I’m in the background, beaming.

feathers says 21st May @ 1:47

Andrew was so lucky to have you and DH there. I always like to believe that parents do the best that they can for their kids, but I know I am a Pollyanna about this.

I hope the kids are all good and you get your day in the sun with them.

Joy says 21st May @ 6:33

Awww You have to be so proud of Andrew! You know his sucess (& his brothers) give parents like me hope for our children with autism. He is a blessing to others and doesnt even know it. Be proud you are wonderful.
As far as his bio-logical parents not being there? YOU and your DH are their parents!!! You are there! You give so much of yourself to them. God used you and your DH to teach them unconditional love and support. 🙂
Take care

How many days left????? 😉

brseay says 21st May @ 13:08

Andrew should be proud of himself and I’m so proud of you. Without you and your hubby he would not have made the progress that he has and most likely would have slipped even further behind. It’s success stories like this that keep me in education, but it also makes it more frustrating when you have able kids who choose not to use their gifts.

Give yourself a pat on the back!

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