I can do that.  Five days this week, four days next week, and three days the next.  I have two additional days after the kids are gone but days without the kiddos go pretty fast.  I guess it’s three weeks if you want to get technical about it but twelve days sounds a lot better.

I wish DS would hear something about the job today.  It would be nice to know, one way or the other.  Let’s see…what else is going on?  Tuesday evening is Andrew’s induction into the National Honor Society and Thursday afternoon and evening I have to do a three hour parent training workshop on summer activities to keep the kids learning.  Ought to be an interesting week.  I’ve told teachers I need all the laptop carts turned in no later than Friday so I’m going to be busy organizing all that and I’ve got to get a final issue of the school newsletter out by next Friday, the 29th.  The final issue will be dedicated to graduating seniors and feature articles about end of the year awards.  The year may be coming to a close but there’s still a lot of stuff to do.

Think I’m going to keep track of little victories today:

  • 6:00 a.m. weighed myself (we won’t talk about that…)
  • 6:05 – packed a Smart Ones entree for lunch and yogurt for breakfast


susan says 18th May @ 17:17

Hey ya Patty!
I was thinking of you today while I made a desert for tomorrows Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. Should I pipe “For Teachers Only” on it?

Congrats to Andrew on his induction into the NHS!

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