That’s the only title that’s appropriate. I feel like crap this morning. Went to bed early (9:30) but tossed and turned all night. Woke up with a killer backache and ran to the bathroom with dry heaves. What a wonderful way to start the day. On the other hand, I took my coffee and went out to the spa for a few minutes. It really helped the backache. Wish I could call in sick but we’re in the middle of testing and that’s totally unthinkable.

On the homefront…little sister came through her surgery just fine (according to her son). I haven’t talked to her. Tried to call when I got home from work but she was still in recovery. Tried to call again a couple of hours later but they still hadn’t put her in a room. My nephew called around 7:00 to let me know how she was but said she was totally out of it so I didn’t talk to her. I’ll try to call her this morning.
DS has yet another interview for the position with the school system this morning. Come on! Give him the job, would ya? I so hope he gets good news.

And now…it’s off to the shower.

9:00 – School update–I’m at school and my students get 2 hours for this portion of the test.  They’ve all finished and closed their books but we’re not allowed to do anything until the time is up so I can sit here and type for a few minutes while they all sit at their desks with their heads down.  Poor kids…can’t even read a book till the time’s up.

About T…he’s been doing pretty good on attendance except when he gets suspended.  Nevertheless, I’m very fond of him and he likes to come to me during lunch and hang out.  I found that poem I wrote about ten years ago that still seems relevant and probably always will:

You Are Not My Child

If you were my child
I’d hold you in my arms
and tell you how your smile
strengthens my resolve
and guides me through my day.
I’d wrap you in my pride
and nourish you with dreams
of a future full of hope.

You are not my child.
I’m loving you
the only way I can.
I am a book for you to read.
Perhaps a line or a phrase
you may recall in distant years.

You are not my child.
I will not hold you to my breast
or kiss your sleepy brow
as I tuck you into bed.
What are you to me
that I see your hungry eyes
before I drift to sleep?

Still very much true.  So many kids who don’t get what they need and we can only give them a little bit of what they so desperately want.  Speaking of desperately needing something, my wild child class has calmed down considerably.  I’ve had to accept that they will never learn to walk in, take their seats, and get to work.  I have to spend five minutes getting them into their seats and another five minutes getting them on task but they do, eventually, follow through with what I want.  Big improvement over when I first got them and the best I’m going to get.

Okay, time is almost up.  I need to collect test booklets.

4:00 – Home from work but I had to bring it with me.  I have at least two, maybe three, more hours of work to get done.  sigh… DS had his interview but still doesn’t know anything.


Joy says 13th May @ 6:20

You poor dear. I hope that you feel better. Bad night of sleep, back hurting you and dry heaves? Yikes! FELL BETTER soon. I hope that your day goes well with testing.
I really hope that your DS gets the job. All the the red tape will be worth it in the end if he does right?
Take care

Joy says 13th May @ 6:20

I am glad that DS came through the operation well. I hope that she heals fast and does not feel a lot of pain in recovery.

Joy says 13th May @ 6:21

OH JEEZ Please excuse my bad spelling from above

brseay says 13th May @ 12:28

Your poem is so true. There are times when I think it’s probably for the best that I don’t know everything that’s going on in their lives b/c it can be so heartbreaking.

I have a good feeling about your son’s interview, please let us know how it turns out.

Joy says 13th May @ 19:14

Oh that was so beautiful! I love that.
Sorry you had so much work to bring home. Only a few more weeks to go.

anngirl says 14th May @ 0:40

Ok, so you made my ass cry tonight Ms. Patty but damn that poem was absolutely magnificent.

So glad to have you around – you’re the teacher that kids remember when they’re 41 years old that made life a little better and that will always be treasured.

Man, you need to publish that somewhere honey!

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