Yeah, I’m here, Susan.  No tornados but I almost got washed away by the downpours.  Killer day Friday and I limped in wet and miserable as a sewer rat.  The downpour let up for a few minutes and I got a beer and went out to the spa.  Of course, the heaven’s opened up and the rain came down.  An torrential downpour that had the gutters spilling water over the rims in cascading waterfalls.  I just sat there.  Letting the rain pour over me and drinking my beer.

Saturday, I worked six hours on the school newsletter and then headed out shopping for a gift for my mom.  She’s really hard to shop for.  She got a stress fracture in her back and two broken ribs a couple of weeks ago when she locked herself out and tried to climb the fence in her backyard.  Got stuck and had to wait a couple of hours until my brother got home.  We asked her why she didn’t use her med alert and she said it wasn’t an emergency.   If an 84 year old woman stuck on top of her fence isn’t an emergency, what is?  I mean, Really, Mom!  I wanted to get her a nice jacket or sweater because she gets cold all the time.  Poor thing, she has osteoporosis so bad she’s about 4 feet tall now and has a widow’s hump that makes it difficult to get anything to fit her.  I shopped forever and finally found what I wanted.  I got her a beautiful green sweater that was cut like a cape and had enough flair in it to cover her without swallowing her.

After I got the sweater wrapped, I drove for an hour to get to her house and visited for a while.

“Thank you, Honey.  I don’t know what I’ll wear it with.  I don’t have any green.”

“You don’t have to wear green with it, Mom.  You can wear yellow, black, pastels..whatever you want.  It’s a neutral.  Do you want to try it on?”

“No, no…my back hurts so bad I can hardly move.”

“Why don’t you let me just drape it around you and make sure it fits and I can take it back and get a different size if it doesn’t?”

“No, it fits.  I can tell it fits.  I don’t have anything to wear with it.”

“You can wear it with anything, Mom.  It’s just a nice little summer sweater.”

“Thank you.  It was really thoughtful of you.  I wish I had something to wear with it.”

I stayed about an hour and left.  I think she’s starting to get a little bit of dementia.  Not much…it’s just that she’s a little strange these days.


susan says 10th May @ 19:42

OMG, that would be so funny if it wasn’t your Mom, Patty! I could imagine you saying the same thing, stuck high and dry on your fence, many years from now, you being the resilient woman you are. (snort-snicker)

Surely glad the tornados passed you by. The spa scene you painted sounded great. Going with the flow, you might say.

You’d better be writing a book ~ in your spare time. 🙂

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