Decided to soak in the spa this morning instead of blogging so I only have a minute or two. It really was nice out there. A balmy 71 degrees with a light breeze blowing. I have to admit it kinda put a damper on things (pun intended) when I got out and realized my towel was gone. I always leave one on a hook on the side of the house. Someone must have carried it in. Had to stand out there basking in the balmy breeze until I was dry enough to put my PJs back on. Figured if I walked in naked, it would be just my luck to find the boys up and roaming the kitchen.

6:30 – I am NOT comfortable in my clothes. I’ve got to get back into exercising. I’m wearing a pair of white pants (the second pair I tried on because the first showed a serious pantyline), a tank top (that fits but seems to be clinging rather intently to my midriff) and I chose a different jacket than what I’d planned because the first one didn’t seem loose enough to drape correctly over the midriff.

It’s hard to get back into the swing of things. One day is good, the next one isn’t… Yesterday, the principal invited me to join her for lunch. She said it was repayment for making the apple dumplings for her at the last potluck. She’d made a taco salad and everything was already mixed. Rather intense on the chips, cheese, and dressing. I should have declined. I didn’t. Came home last night and DH had prepared hot dogs, leftover potato salad, and assorted pickles and beets. Ate that, too. Today, I’ve got everything planned out but I’m hosting a nacho bar on Thursday and I have a bag of “Friendship Cake” starter that a friend gave me. I’m supposed to add a bunch of stuff to it tomorrow and make up a cake. Wish I could move to a desert island…

Today I will:

write down every bite that goes in my mouth

work in the garden

go for a walk (wonder if it’ll be cool enough to go upstairs and use the treadmill?)

9:00 – Eating my yogurt.  Just read your comment, Joy, and you’re sooo right!  I can do this.  I went back and read blogs from this time a year ago and I weighed a lot more than I do now but I was so excited!  I’m going to try to get back there.  Starting with the realization that I CAN do what I have to do and find time for diet and exercise.  Going to think about setting some realistic goals.  Guess I should start by weighing myself tomorrow morning and then go for the gold.  I KNOW I can lose 5 pounds in two weeks.  Wish I still had the rest of the Butt Sistahs to help inspire me but they all fell by the wayside and I think I’m the only one left who’s still hanging in there.  Still got that stupid gym membership that I’m paying for every month and haven’t used since around November.  It’s time to shake things up and come up with a new plan.  Thanks, Joy, for giving me a much needed boost.


Joy says 28th April @ 7:40

Those are good goals for today. The rest of the week is going to be a tad less balmy maybe it will be nice enough to get going on the treadmill?? I know that you can do this Patty. You are so strong and have been my biggest blog support. Now its my turn. You are worth the effort it takes to be at your best health, to feel good about how you look, to feel comfortable in your clothes……. You give so much of yourself and NOW it is time to give more time to YOURself.
I remember that it was in April that I discovered your blog. Man alive you should read some of the wonderful , inspiring, funny yet spot on things you wrote. Maybe you can re-gain some of that old momentum by reading your older months of the blog. (I wish I did not erease my April- August)
You CAN do this!!!
Have a noce day at work, enjoy your garden time, and talk a nice soothing long walk and enjoy the sights.
Take care

Joy says 28th April @ 7:41

oh jeeze my spelling sucked today sorry about that

brseay says 28th April @ 18:30

The fact that you’re the surviving Butt Sistah is something to be proud of. You will reach your goals b/c you haven’t quit.

If you’ll let me I’ll be an honorary Butt Sistah! I’ll try to motivate you all the way from Iowa.

How many days until summer? We have 28 days left, ugh!

sunnygee says 28th April @ 21:26

I’d be honored to be a new Butt Sistah!!! I’m all the way in California.

The important thing is you are here, blogging. That indicates a pretty good level of intention. You just need to work on it a day at a time. I know you can do it!

~ Sunnie

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