Ugh…where’s all that Emily Dickinsonian euphoria for the morning?  I feel like crud.  Could it be a psychological hangover?  My head hurts, my stomach is queasy and crampy and I’m sleepy.  I DON’T want to go to work today.  It probably has something to do with DH’s four day work week.  I hate rolling out of bed way before sunrise every Monday morning while he snoozes till whenever.  At least I have a four day work week this week.  The Kentucky Derby is this coming Saturday and the Oakes is Friday so we’ll be off Friday for a long weekend.  DIL and DS brought over a huge batch of collard greens yesterday and asked me to fix them to go with dinner.  I did…they were good…and that’s probably why my stomach feels like it’s in rebellion.  I kept busy yesterday and managed to find enough healthy stuff to eat (washed all the goop off of my strawberries) but we put in a long day with yard work, housework, and opening the pool and I hit the bed late.  Guess I’d better get up from here and get ready for work.  It’s gotta get better, right?


Joy says 27th April @ 18:26

I hope that you feel better Patty. Man is the Derby coming up already??? that is so great though that you have a 4 day work week. Yaaaay! More time for you this weekend, right? Feel better

sunnygee says 27th April @ 22:29

I can’t believe it’s Derby time already! Hope you are feeling better by now! 🙂

~ Sunnie

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