Granny Smith Grass

Went for a walk around the neighborhood yesterday evening. The grass is young and fresh and the green is so vivid it makes my mouth pucker like a granny smith apple. The scent of wisteria and viburnum perfumes the air. What bliss!

Of course, things don’t get that way without a lot of work. We did a ton of yardwork yesterday and still didn’t get finished. We’ll be back at it again today. I didn’t get Manny cleaned up. Went out there and was going to start scrubbing but DH needed my help with the ponds and then DS showed up with DIL and the kids and pitched in. I worked with them for quite a while and then started dinner. DGD, Holly, came over and I had ten for dinner instead of five so I had to supplement with one of those cute little watermelons, hot dogs, corn on the cob and brats. I was good, though. Ate strawberries, grilled chicken breast, low-fat/low cal deviled eggs, and watermelon. Made sure all the guacamole and chips went home with DS. They’re supposed to come over again today to help clean up. The front yard is pretty well done and the flower beds out there are cleaned out. The back yard, however, still needs a lot of work. We were surprised that neither of the water pumps worked. Strange to have both of them quit working. I’m going up to Harbor Frieght today to pick up two new ones.

On the diet/exercise routine I’m still a long way from where I was a year ago but I’m getting there. I keep telling myself to Just DO it. I know I’ll get better. You either use it or you lose it and I’ve lost a lot of the flexibility and strength I had last summer. I haven’t tried to get on the treadmill or do aerobics. Just working in the yard and walking around the neighborhood.

Got another full eight hours of sleep last night without having to use a Tylenol PM and I’m feeling fresh and fiesty and ready to get moving!

10:20 – So…is there anything more boring than that 25 minute wait with hair coloring itching and gooping up your ears and neck? 3 more minutes….

12:00 _ DH is really getting on my last nerve….I got up early, trimmed and sliced a pork loin and got it marinating in lite soy sauce, lemon juice, and fresh ginger so we could have grilled pork loin. Shredded veggies for a lite sweet and sour slaw. Planned on adding sliced strawberries and watermelon along with grilled veggies in balsamic vinegar with mozzarella. He went to the store to get trash bags for yard waste and came home with the makings for potato salad, hamburgers, buns, potato chips, shortcakes, whipped cream, and strawberry glaze. Said he just wanted to “spice things up” because what I planned wasn’t what he was in the mood for. I was NOT happy and told him I shouldn’t even have planned dinner because he’s making another entire meal. I went to K-Mart to pick up a prescription and came home to find that he sliced all the strawberries and added the glaze to them, made a shitload of hamburger patties, and added REGULAR Mayonnaise to my slaw. I got mad and asked him what the hell he was doing and he said I was taking this “dieting thing” to extremes. It’s Sunday, the kids are coming over, and they shouldn’t all be forced to eat “diet stuff” just because I’m trying to lose weight. Dammit!

4:00 pm.- If you ever get an RV, get a good one. We named this RV (DH insists it’s a “motor coach” not an RV) Manny because it reminded us of Manny the Mammoth in the movie Ice Age: big, strong, lumbering… It also happens to be a Monaco. I’m not happy with the way it crawls up a mountainside but DH says that’s to be expected because of the size and weight. Other than that, and a couple minor mishaps like the awning coming open while we were driving down the highway (which we later found out was because DH didn’t lock it correctly) we’ve been pretty impressed. Today, I was delighted to find that when I leveled it and extended the slider, the seal on the slider was so tight that there wasn’t a drop of syrup under the oven. The cabinets, where I splashed hot syrup all over them didn’t let a bit of it inside. Even the drawer under the oven where you store pots and pans was sealed tight. I opened it and didn’t find a single drop that had run down into it. Needless to say, the mess I dreaded cleaning up didn’t happen. The oven came clean with a simple wipe down with a soapy cloth and, other than a puddle of syrup on the ceramic tile floor, it was clean! I’ve also been impressed with how quiet this motor home is. In our old one, which was a Winnebago, I was constantly shoving little pieces of cardboard under this and that to stop little squeaks and rattles that drove me nuts when I had to listen to them for three or four hundred miles a day. It seemed like we were replacing things on the Winnebago everytime we turned around.  Manny seems to be holding up really well.  Still steamed at DH but very happy with Manny!


susan says 26th April @ 13:31

That strawberry glaze crap from the market is icky.

On the bright side, Patty, it’s good to read about a DH who actually prepares food. Mine, although he has a restaurant for cryin’ out loud, never makes anything more complicated than poached eggs. And doesn’t clean up after himself. I clean up the trail of toast crumbs, egg drips, pan left on stove, etc… and reckon I’m glad he doesn’t make anything more involved.

If you enjoy Boca Burgers (veggie burgers), you can keep a supply in the freezer for just such an emergency. Loaded up with lettuce, tomato, mustard & relish, they are, well, not awful. Burgers (the REAL ones)… I think it’s my most favorite food ~ even more so than lobster or steak!

Joy says 26th April @ 15:59

OUCH! DH sounds like he is in a bit of rebellion.That has got to be tough when one in your own home is a little tiny bit sabbotaging to your effort to lose weight. I am sorry that has got to be hard. YOU know what?? You are made of strong stuff Patty. You can eat your healthy (not to mention yummy sounding) food and feel good about yourself.
Ahhhhh Wisteria! My mom and dad used to have that over the arbor in their courtyard. That stuff was beautiful and so wonderful to smell. Sounds like you are burning a LOT of calories in the yard. Good for you. Keep ut up.
I hope that the rest of your Sunday is wonderful.

brseay says 26th April @ 17:52

How fantastic that the mess in Manny wasn’t what you were expecting. Sometimes small pleasures like that make everything else tolerable.

I don’t have any advice on the hubby front. Could just be he’s being grouchy but maybe he’s worried that when you meet your goal that you won’t want him anymore. Sorry, just a bit of pop psychology.

Hope the week goes quickly and that you can relax even for 10 minutes.

beerab says 27th April @ 13:25

Men, this is why I give my husband foods he likes in moderation and make replacements where I can. I don’t buy regular mayo anymore (or regular butter), I’ve replaced breads and so on. But my hubby wouldn’t just go shopping without me cuz he likes to go with me lol. He doesn’t pay much attention to what I put in the carts, he only cares about his foods, and he’s even cut back on those since I’ve started dieting.

But I do make things like burgers and so on for him to enjoy. I’ll make burgers and use lean meat or boca burgers (I don’t tell him it’s boca he doesn’t even notice though he CLAIMS to notice if I tell him PFT so I don’t say anything anymore). I’ll look up lower calorie versions of potato salad, that way he won’t feel deprived and I can still eat healthier 🙂

Good luck.

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