Lord of the ring

Andrew loves his ring. Holds his hand kind of funny now. An unnatural position that causes his ring to catch the light just so. Bless his heart. He works so hard. He was one of just a handful of kids recognized last night for having a grade point average of at least 3.5. Such a good kid. I’m so proud of him.

Not sure what to make of the ring ceremony. They gave out a handful of awards. A few for perfect attendance, winners of the book awards from U of L, U of K, and Bellarmine, and a couple others. Don’t know why they didn’t save those for Awards Night. Then they called all the kids up on the stage and presented their rings, gave a little speech about the significance of all the symbols on the rings, and then ended the ceremony with appetizers and punch. I’m always struck by how awkward the kids look when they’re all “dressed up”. One girl couldn’t handle her stillettos and slipped down the steps to the stage. Landed on her butt and didn’t hurt anything but her pride, thankfully. Another kid in a suit with a green mohawk. Many girls with assorted, sparkly cocktail dresses and stringy hair, no makeup, and flip flops. Gotta love em. They’re so cute. Still gotta wonder how Mom could let them out of the house looking so mismatched. Guess it’s all part of growing up.

Seems like this entire week has consisted of early rises, long days, and late nights. At least today is pretty easy and then it’s time for the weekend. Whoo Hooo!

You with me, Joy? Ready to go, girlfriend? I’m off to the shower and then I’m jumping on the scales. You and I are in for a fabulous, totally perfect day! Dust off that treadmill and clamp on the earphones!

6:30 – showered, shaved, and ready for the day.  Poor Mr. Scale is groaning under my 182 pounds this morning.  Sorry, fella….I’m on it…

5:15 -This is how I left my desk.  I finally got out of the building at 4:30.  Two hours after I “officially” got off.  Things got pretty crazy today.  Thirteen laptops dumped unceremoniously on my desk.  I managed to get through repairs on three of them, guess that leaves me ten laptops in the hole.  I’ll just throw them in my storage room with the other hundred and twenty waiting for me to repair.  Obviously, the one where the kid broke the entire top off and shattered the screen will not be fixed.  I could have stayed another hour or so and tried to create some kind of order out of the chaos but decided I would be better off to leave and save some time for a workout before I was too tired.  Problem is…it’s HOT, HOT, HOT!  90.5 degrees farenheit.  I’m not going to reintroduce myself to the treadmill today.  It’s got to be at least 100 degrees upstairs with the sun pouring in the upstairs windows and no air.  Guess we should break down and turn on the air conditioning but that seems like some kind of sacrilege.  Instead, I’m going to hang around for a couple of hours and then take a walk around the neighborhood after it cools off.

So, Brandi, wanna know what’s going on with my weekend?  No serious commitments lined up.  Phyllisann and I didn’t make it to the Earth movie on Wednesday.  Things got too crazy.  We may try to get together this weekend but I doubt if it’ll happen.  We don’t do very well with weekends.  We both have families to take care of and too many things going on.  At some point, I have to face cleaning up the mess in the RV.  All the syrupy goo that ran under the stove and all over the carpet and tile.  We’re going to have to turn on the leveler to level Manny and extend the sliders so I can get to the ceramic tile under the oven.  I’ll probably have to take the door off the oven to get all the goo cleaned off.  What a mess.  DH wants me to help him with yardwork all weekend.  It’s been a long, nasty winter and there are leaves and small broken branches all over the yard.  The pond in the backyard needs to be cleaned out and the fountain hooked up.  Ditto for the one in the front yard (which had gross wormy things swimming around in it a couple of days ago).  Of course, the flowerbeds need to be cleaned up.  Other than that, I don’t have much going on.  I want to get serious about exercising and eating better again so I might try to stock up on groceries and plan a menu for the week.

Actually, I’m feeling like I don’t want to do anything this evening but eat some healthy food and crash in front of the TV to watch all the TiVo saved up from the week.  I may even take a Tylenol PM before bed so I can sleep like a rock.  Think I’ll go ahead and walk around the neighborhood so I can feel good about what has been a very healthy day up to this point.  After that, it’s just me and the big screen.

Oh…yeah…DH DID go to the ring ceremony.  He DID NOT slip out early.  He looked good, socialized with my colleagues, and beamed like a proud grandfather when Andrew got his ring and got recognized for grades and attendance.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting him off his butt.  I had to threaten to tear him limb from limb to get him moving but he came through in the end.


Joy says 24th April @ 7:53

I am ready sistah Pat. Thanks 🙂
I hope that you have a wonderful day, that goes by very quickly . This way you can have a great weekend.
That is so sweet about Andrew’s ring. Awwwww! Just think it is Friday! That is one less week of school left! Woooohoooo!
BTW Your scale may have groaned but mine simply screamed! LOL

beerab says 24th April @ 12:30

You have time to shave? Good lord girl you are WONDER WOMAN! I haven’t shaved in so long it’s shameful rofl. I’m gonna do it tonight I swear lol.

brseay says 24th April @ 12:37

So glad that Andrew enjoyed his night. Did your hubby go along???

You haven’t mentioned weekend plans, are you going to have time to relax? All that you accomplish in a week makes me tired just reading about it.

Joy says 24th April @ 18:41

It really looks like you have a good plan for this weekend and next week. Taking a walk in your area sounds like a nice way to get some workout time in.
OMgoodness I KNOW! The temp. was only supposed to be 64 today. it reached 80. I thought I was going through ‘the change’ until DH got home and told me the temp was well into the 80’s. LOL
Wow it sounds like you have a mess to clean with that oven in Manny. I hope that it goes quickly and easily.
Patty thank you so much for your wonderful support. I want to be here for YOU as well. We can and we WILL do this. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

brseay says 25th April @ 8:26

Geez, sorry I asked about the weekend. I realize it’s work that definitely needs to be done and will be vigorous and burn some calories. I wish I could come over and help you!!! I honestly would in a heartbeat.

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