Thirty eight degrees this morning. What’s with that? The last three days have been cold and rainy. It feels more like February than the end of April. Yesterday, it was supposed to be around 60 most of the day but it didn’t get anywhere near it. In fact, when I got off work at 3:30, it was only 47 degrees. It’s supposed to go up to 65 today, 76 tomorrow, and 81 by Friday. That’ll work…

Finally got a chance to get my hair cut yesterday afternoon. The poor girl that was going to do it played around with it a few minutes and couldn’t seem to figure out what to make of it. She said, “If you don’t mind, I’m going to get my instructor to take a look.” The instructor said, “Oh yeah, I remember you! I cut your hair last time, didn’t I?” I said, “Yeah, you “showed” the girl how to do it last month, too, after she’d been trying to figure out how to cut it for almost 45 minutes. I love it. I don’t even have to use a brush. Just blow it dry for about three minutes while fluffing it up with my fingers and I’m ready to hit the road.” She said, “This is a challenging haircut to do if you’re not familiar with it. It’s called a fringe. In fact, I need to do a class on it.” Next thing I know, she gathers up ten or twelve students and demonstrates how to do a fringe. Works for me! I get a great cut from a fantastic hairdresser for $7.00.

Weighing in at 182 this morning…dammit…can’t seem to find the time or motivation to get really aggressive with it but I’m trying to be halfway healthy. Had yogurt for breakfast yesterday, LC for lunch, and leftover cajun chicken pasta salad for dinner. I have to admit that someone had picked almost all of the chicken out of it so it was more like cajun pasta but I guess I did what I could. Gonna try to stay on the straight and narrow today. Of course, I have no yogurt, no LCs and no idea what I’m fixing for dinner. Gotta work all day, teach ESS until 4:15, and then go by the store on the way home.  One of the school administrators wears a double hat with me.  One as my friend and the other as my boss.  He told me yesterday that I really need to make some time for me.  Said he can tell that I’m just worn out. Then he turns around and asks me to head another committee.  Tops it with a “please, please!  I really need you to do this!”  Thanks, Bill…


Joy says 22nd April @ 6:55

Do NOT do it. You have so much on your plate. He is right about you need to take more time for you. I think that if you do you will find your focus on workouts and eating healthy. Sorry I can get so bossy. LOL
You take care and have a wonderful, stress free day.

paperskin says 22nd April @ 9:42

Maybe you can suggest someone else.. sometimes there is someone there who is just waiting for some responsibility, but is too shy to ask.. just maybe needs some support and can do a great job. Maybe you can find that person, and say that you can help guide them but you can’t do it yourself.

brseay says 22nd April @ 15:21

Way to go on the great haircut deal. It would be fun to have that many people fussing over me.

As far as the committee concerned, the obvious response is that you have so much going on already but only you can make that decision. Is this something that you truly want to do or would you only do it b/c you were asked? I know there are only 7 weeks left and you might think you can squeak it out until then but 7 weeks could feel like 7 months if you try to do too much.

On another note, I had an idea for your short yoga workouts…youtube. I keep reading about how you can find free workouts on there, maybe it’s a place to start.

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