Russ Rocks!

Russ fixed my tablet PC! A couple of other teachers got the same Trojan virus that I did from taking their laptops home last weekend. The regular policy is to just reimage the computers. They come out like brand new but you lose everything! The best techie in the world, Russ, worked with mine yesterday and managed to get into it somehow and back up all my data. Then he reimaged it and reinstalled all my old data. Now she runs great and I still have all my work! The way to Russ’ heart is through his stomach and I need to do something really nice for him soon to thank him for working so hard for me. He loves my hash brown casserole and I thought I’d make one for him and deliver it to the Computer Support building. Problem is that they don’t open until 7:30 and I have to be on the other end of town by 7:30 for work. Gotta figure out how to do this.

DH suggested we pick up the RV at my sister’s this afternoon after I get off work and just keep driving until we get to the outlet mall in Edinburgh, Indiana for the weekend. Sounds excellent!

Supposed to be 74 degrees today without a cloud in sight!  What more could a girl ask?


Joy says 17th April @ 6:30

That was so nice of him to do that. Maybe a friend at work can take it to him?
I hope that you have a wonderful time on the road this weekend! Relax, rest, slow down, and enjoy the warm sunshine.
Take care

brseay says 17th April @ 9:07

What great news! Good weather, your computer was saved and shopping. Relax and enjoy the weekend, you have definitely deserved it.

Any luck finding a yoga dvd? I don’t do purely yoga, if you want I can dig through my pilates DVDs and send you the titles.

gottaloose4 says 17th April @ 16:02

sounds like an awesome wknd with the hubby hope you had tons of fun! how nice of Russ, he definately deserves the casserole!


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