Truffle Trouble

DH didn’t get me a birthday cake. Thank God. I asked him not to because I’m trying to get back on track with my diet. He got me Russell Stover Truffles instead. Hellooo???!!! Anybody in there? DS bought me roses, the twins got me a cookbook of Smoothie recipes, the little grandkiddies got me flowers for my garden and hung around long enough to eat almost the entire box of truffles so that helped.

I have training today. DS is taking the twins to school and I’m going to another location for a full day of TRT meetings/trainings with my tablet PC. Should be interesting because my tablet got a virus last Sunday and hasn’t booted up since then. I’m taking it to my meeting anyway because I’ll be spending the day with some fabulous techies and I’m hoping one of them can fix it so I won’t lose all my stuff.  Lunch will probably be at Jason’s Deli.  That’s where we usually go.

That’s about all that’s going on here. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I’m off to fight the demons at Jason’s deli…


Joy says 16th April @ 6:57

Maybe you can do a turkey with lots of veggies and mustard on half of a roll? Some baked chips and a peice of fruit? I LOVE deli food! Deli food LOVES my hips, thighs, and all of my other ASSets! LOL You have a great day Pat.

round says 20th April @ 4:08

Well, at least your husband showed signs he’s trainable – no cake. You just need to help him see that truffles are not a good second option. I tend to steer my husband towards flowers and bath gels – that way he knows what he CAN get me and it makes it easier on him.

Happy birthday, hope you have a great year!

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