Long day, yesterday! Andrew got sick at school and I had to bring him home and then race back to work. After work, we had a staff meeting/training, and then I just stayed at school until the ROTC meeting yesterday evening. Got home around 7:00, ate half a Subway veggie burger, watched American Idol, and then scrounged around the medicine cabinet until I found an Advil PM and hit the bed. I slept like a newborn! No aches or pains this morning. Maybe another birthday is just what I needed.

Weight is down 3 pounds this morning from when I totally freaked out Monday morning.  Even so, I’m making Mr. Scale beg for mercy at 180.5.  That’s bad enough but imagine Monday morning when I stepped on him and saw 183.5!!!  Still feeling gently motivated and doing what I can.  I’ve passed the word…absolutely NO birthday cakes around here!

8:00 a.m. – So much for my resolve…got to work and there’s a gorgeous vase of flowers on my desk from Phyllissann, a strawberry shortcake birthday cake from ? and HOMEMADE carrot cake from Phyllissann.  Okay…one piece… Really, how can you not eat at least one piece when someone makes it especially for your birthday?

1:00 – Okay, I skipped my yogurt for breakfast and had strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream.  Then I skipped my Lean Cuisine and had lucious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  I think it all comes out about the same….


Joy says 15th April @ 6:30

Happy birthday!
Good job on the 3 pounds!
Keep up the great work.
Have a wonderful day.

susan says 15th April @ 8:01

🙂 Happy Birthday to our dear Sistah Pat! 🙂
Hope your day is full of nice surprises, and your new year full of happy scale reports!

brseay says 15th April @ 8:06

What a nice birthday gift, being down 3 pounds. Good for you for taking charge and telling people no cake. Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

paperskin says 15th April @ 10:06

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with tasty low calorie treats 🙂

grabthebull says 15th April @ 10:18

It’s your birthday, girl. Live it up. Just eat cake all day and nothing else. 1500 calories of cake. That’ll work, right? HAP-HAP-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


beerab says 15th April @ 11:03

Happy bday 🙂 Eh it’s your bday- have a piece- then go work out an extra hour lol!

susan says 15th April @ 22:07

strawberry shortcake and carrot cake: that’s fruit & veggies in my book 🙂

feathers says 15th April @ 22:46

Oh man. That cake was totally worth it. Have a great day.

inkheartmeg says 16th April @ 5:56

Happy Birthday and a great loss!

firefly says 21st April @ 13:42

Happy Birthday Patty. Sorry I’m so late to this! Our birthdays are just a few days apart – mine was on the 11th! Way to go on the weightloss – unfortunately, I know where your lost weight went… it has a new home here on my ass!

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