Rice Krispy Treat!

Snap, crackle, pop! That’s what my poor body is doing this morning. My neck and shoulders are stiff and I didn’t sleep well. Gotta get me some Tylenol PM today.

Gonna be a long one! Work, followed by staff meeting, bring the twins home, turn around and go back for ROTC Booster Club meeting. I’ll be lucky to get home by 7:00. At least, it should be easy to avoid bad foods today…I won’t have time to be tempted. I’ll take my yogurt and a LC and I’ll be lucky to get time to eat them.

All the family is headed home. Nephew commented on facebook that he was stuck in the airport yesterday afternoon. I was shocked to find a comment this morning that he’s still in airport pergatory. I’ve been there many times, kiddo. I feel your pain. SIL called last night and said they’re on the road. Headed back to New Orleans. Guess we’re going to have to drive up to Little Sister’s and pick up the RV but it isn’t happening today. They loved staying in the RV and said they’re going to get one. We’ll be able to get ourselves a convoy!

Hmmm…just got an email from Hulk Hogan. “Now you can grill every meal to perfection with the dishwasher safe 7 in 1 grill!” Didn’t even know Hulk knew me. Can’t believe he sent a personal message just for me!

Okay, girls, it’s off to the shower.

8:45 – Having Weight Watchers Amaretto Cheesecake yogurt for breakfast.  100 calories.  So far, so good.

12:15 – Got my WW Chicken Fettucini.  Not bad…340 calories.  Amazing how quickly the body responds.  Barely more than one day back on track and my clothes feel much better.  My pants don’t feel tight today and my blouse feels downright comfy!


Joy says 14th April @ 6:26

Wow Patty ‘the’ Hulk Hogan sending you e-mails?? Must be nice mixing with the rich and famous! 😉
LOL kidding
Sorry that you are having another busy day that keeps you from home. I know that your counting the days until that wonderful/blissful/great time of SUMMER VACATION!
Take care and have a great day!

susan says 14th April @ 8:53

Hey, Patty!
Amaretto & Cheesecake: what’s not to love, eh? I dutifully ate my oatmeal today. So far, so good.

As for yoga dvds, my yoga instructor recommends anything by Patricia Walden. I went on Amazon and there is lots to choose from.

Hulk, huh? I only get emails for BULK Hogan…

grabthebull says 14th April @ 9:57

Hulk Hogan, eh? When you get an email from Rock-N-Roll Express, I will truly be excited.

brseay says 14th April @ 13:10

You know that the Hulkster is going through a divorce, maybe he’s trying to make some new “friends”. You must be lookin’ hot, lady 🙂

2dogs1lady says 14th April @ 17:45

I had to read twice..I thought you said cheesecake for brekkie..that is my kinda brekkie! Hence why i am on 3chicks! haha
Hope you feel better soon girl!! Look me up on FB if you like!

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