I’m up.  Relaxing with my coffee and looking out the window at Walmart, Greek Guru, Francia’s Beauty Salon, and Baskin Robbins.  Thanks, Baskin Robbins, for the free wifi!

I’ve got to do a little housecleaning and then we can hit the road.  The difference with RV house cleaning is that it only takes about 30 minutes and everything is done!  The weather seems to be the same no matter what city I look up.  It’s raining here with a forecast of thunderstorms and 65 degrees.  Same forecast for Atlanta with a high of 67 and the same thing for our place in Madison with a high of 77.  Hmmm…think I’ll take Madison.


brseay says 28th March @ 18:52

Enjoy your vacay and the nice weather. It’s snowing here 🙁

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