I give up.  I’m saying “Uncle!”  I’ve decided to talk to the 7th grade counselor today and see if I can get a couple of the wild ones taken out of my class.  Yesterday was a total fiasco and I came home totally exhausted and stressed out.  This is the first time in my career that I’ve had to call it quits with a class and try to get kids taken out of it.  I’m getting some consolation from the fact that I had seven kids added to my class more than two weeks after the trimester started because their other teachers couldn’t deal with them.  Still, it has the taste of defeat.  I spent the entire period yesterday dealing with one act of stupidity after another.  To top it off, I had decided to just let them make posters about internet safety.  I mean, really, how bad can it get when all they have to do is sit at the table and draw on posterboard?

“Keep your hands to yourself, don’t touch her!”
“DO NOT break all the crayons!”
“Get OFF the floor and out from under the table!”

It was a constant stream of:

“He took my pencil!”
She called me a fag!”
“He tore my poster!”
“He STINKS!  I don’t want to sit by him!”
“She called me a “HO”!
“Why do we have to do this?”

By the time they left, I felt like I’d been run over by a herd of cattle.  Write it down.  March 27th, 2009, Mrs. R gives up.  I want some of these ankle biters removed from my class.  Now. Today!

On a lighter note, I just have to make it one more day.  DH is in bed.  He called in sick.  I suspect he’s not sick after all but just wanting to get things in order today because the twins announced that they want to go with us and we had already decided not to take the RV so he probably needs to get it ready.  I’ll probably be calling him all day to tell him to get stuff because I was so whipped yesterday evening I didn’t do a thing to get packed.

4:20 – Whoo Hooo!  I am so outa here!  The school was totally out of control today.  More fights than I’ve ever seen.  It was so bad they made an announcement that we were not to let kids out of class for any reason.  Surprisingly, my students were good today.  Of course, J and Brassy were both absent today and they’re the worst of the bunch.  Without them, the rest of the group were pretty good.  Even so, I’m ready for a break.

Thanks for all the good wishes, chickies!  I’m off to Florida to ride the lawnmower with an MP3 glued to my head.  Can’t get the internet down in the boonies but I’ll probably go uptown and log in at least a couple of times.  Have a WONDERFUL week!  I know I will!

10:30 – Pulled over for the night in a Walmart parking lot just a few miles before Chattanooga.  We’re right next to a Greek restaurant.  DH walked over and got me a cup of strong Greek coffee and a piece of baklava.  Heaven!

It was a pretty drive through the mountains.  Lots of waterfalls, red buds, and magnolias.  We saw some yellow magnolias in bloom that were breathtaking.  I’ve gotta get one of those!  The boys are having fun in Wally World and DH has raised the satellite and is watching the U of L game.  I picked up a wireless signal from a nearby Panera.  Really…we’re so spoiled!


brseay says 27th March @ 7:31

I understand how you might feel defeated but it sounds like this entire class is loaded w/challenging kids. It is unrealistic to expect you to wave your magic wand and fix everything. I hope the counselor is able to accommodate your request. My guess is that since you normally handle things on your own they’ll realize that you’re not just being a lazy teacher who wants perfect kids; these difficult students are impacting the learning of the other kids in the class.

Enjoy your break and enjoy some well-needed rest. Drive safely and soak a time or two in the tub for me 🙂

Joy says 27th March @ 8:09

You are a teacher. A wonderful teacher at that. You should NOT feel one ounce of guilt for wanting to be a teacher and not a guard in a juvie detention center. These few kids are taking you away from teaching the ones who actually want to learn. So do not feel for one second any guilt.
You get through today. Then you have a wonderful, relaxing time away with your family. Soak in that tub with a glass of wine till your a prune! LOL
Take care

hveeck says 27th March @ 14:57

I dont blame you for feeling this way. I’ve always said i could never be a teacher because I dont have the patience. It takes a ton of patience to deal with kids especially when they are trouble makers (ankle biters). enjoy your break.

loosingme says 27th March @ 17:33

there is a special place in heaven for middle school teachers, donchaknow? LOL

shallweshrink says 27th March @ 18:51

Poor thing! I bet you feel like a babysitter!

Glad to hear T is back!! I don’t even know him, but I am rooting for him 🙂

ENJOY your week!!! You deserve it even more than my boots 😉

anngirl says 27th March @ 19:52


Just in the nick of time – have FUN!

Bobbie says 27th March @ 22:58

Your seventh graders sound like some of the second graders I have. But they are 7 and it’s totally understandable. Seventh graders as you know don’t act much better sometimes. I am glad you are going to get some time off and hope and pray you get those trouble makers out of your class. It is exhausting. Many hugs to you!

inkheartmeg says 27th March @ 23:24

ah the sweetness. Enjoy your break!

Joy says 28th March @ 6:27

Have a wonderful time Patty!

beerab says 3rd April @ 15:48

LOL- I’d have pulled those kids aside and told them they were mistakes. And of course I’d probably have said “hey if it walks like a duck…” when the kid complained about being called a fag lol.

THAT is why I can’t be a teacher :p I know if my kids ever give a teacher crap I’m beating them lol.

I was in class in 7th grade with terrible kids that treated me like crap cuz I had an A and at the same time gave the teacher such crap. I finally transferred out of the class cuz I couldn’t take it lol. I was like dude I want to learn- not listen to the teacher just yell at the kids.

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