The end is in sight!  Today and tomorrow and then I can rest.  Yesterday became a nightmare of running, stress, and high blood pressure.  I was going a hundred miles an hour all day long.

I HAD to go to the bank yesterday.  Major gave me the money from the awards banquet Monday morning and it contained $800.00 cash.  School is not a good place to have a bunch of cash but the bank the Booster Club uses closes at 4:00 and I haven’t been able to get there.  I had a few minutes yesterday and asked if I could run to the bank and make a deposit.  Got there and it took forever.  I was really getting stressed.  Looking at the clock in the bank and telling the cashier I had a class full of kids due in twelve minutes.  She seemed to take forever and then I raced back to school with my heart pounding and got back one minute before the kids.  They were absolutely WILD yesterday. The closer it gets to spring break, the more they’re bouncing off the walls.  I finally got so angry I gave them some worksheets, told them I didn’t want to hear ONE word and I wanted the worksheets on my desk by the time the bell rang.

“Mrs. R., can you show me how to do this?”
“No!  You weren’t interested when I was trying to explain it and I’m DONE.
“Would you come over here and help us?”
“No!  What part of I don’t want to hear a single word don’t you understand?
” We don’t know what we’re supposed to do.  Please…”
“Close your mouths and do your work!  I told you I’m done!  You can figure it out for yourself!”

You could hear a pin drop the rest of the period.  I was ready to beat them with a stick and they knew it!   After class ended, I had to stay after school to work with  fourteen kids who are failing math.  They were wired, too, but it didn’t get in the way of what we had to do.

I raced home, phone ringing on the way, and DH saying, “Rick and Pam are on their way over so we can go out to dinner.  How much longer are you going to be?”  I walked in the door and they were sitting at the kitchen table.  Phone rang again and it was my dear friend, Elsie, who’s working with a home-schooled kid (recovering from surgery) and she can’t get his computer to connect to the internet so I’m trying to talk her through it but couldn’t make it work.  I finally told her I’d get with her today to figure out what was wrong.  We went to dinner (healthy vegetarian restaurant with no alcoholic beverages) and I really could have used a drink.

I finally got back home at almost 8:00, watched American Idol, and hit the bed.

Light….light….I see a light…..

9:20 – “T” is back!


Joy says 26th March @ 7:45

wow! You had one helluva a day. At least you had a nice end to it with dinner with your friends at a nice place. I hope today goes esier for you.
Take care

paperskin says 26th March @ 10:51

Glad to hear T is back.. 2 more days left and you are free!

brseay says 26th March @ 13:20

So glad to hear that T is back. I know that in some ways it will definitely add more stress to your life but that you are relieved to see him again. I so hope that he is able to make a good start now that he’s back.

Enjoy your break and hang in there until then!

susan says 26th March @ 19:58

“T”, bless his heart! You make the difference, Patty.

I hope you have a quietly awesome time at your retreat in FL.

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