Never enough time

Today: work, teach ESS after school until 4:30, meet friends for dinner.  Looks like there isn’t going to be a whole lot of extra time today.  I’ll be running from 6:30 to 7:00 or 8:00. the next 15 or 20 minutes is probably going to be all the down time I have.  I know I should look at dinner with friends as a relaxation but even that seems like it’s too demanding.  I can’t wait until Friday when I can get away for a few days.

On the school front:  the training didn’t go well yesterday.  I don’t know why but we only had around twenty teachers show up.  That’s really unusual.  Seems like everyone is just so busy.  As a result, I have 1 1/2 cakes here that I need to get rid of.  Guess I’ll take them to school and treat my students.  Speaking of my students, I haven’t seen T for a week and a half.  He was suspended for six days for fighting and the AP told me they were going to send him to an “alternative” school for kids with major discipline problems.  I hope not.  I hope he comes back.  His suspension should have been up Monday but he didn’t come back to school.  I tried to call him but got a disconnect on the phone.  I’m going to ask around today and see if I can come up with another phone number or find out if he’s been transferred.

As for my wild and crazy class, they’re beginning to settle down a bit.  I’ve developed a rapport with almost all of them except Brassy.  She’s still loud and disruptive.  She keeps trying to play me and then gets mad when I won’t let her do what she wants.  Yesterday, she was all smiles and told me my hair was “sooooo cute” and then asked if she could go to her locker.  I told her no and she got mad and kept baiting me and bothering the rest of the class the entire period.  Surprisingly, when I said, “Okay, that’s it.  Let’s call home and talk to Mom.” she promised to behave and did a much better job.  Guess I’m going to have to keep in touch with Mom.  That may be the answer.

Now all my free time is used up and I have to hit the shower and start running the race.  Later…


Joy says 25th March @ 7:24

Your students are going to love that treat today (coffee cake).
That is too bad that BRASSY is such a handful. She sounds very manipulative. That is so hard to work around when teaching when it is to that degree. Kudos to you for not allowing her to press your buttons and react.
You take care. Only a few days left sisterchick until you are off to sunny Florida!
Take care

brseay says 25th March @ 9:06

Just a couple more days and then you can take a breath. Hang in there with Brassy, some kids need a bit more polishing to turn into diamonds.

I hope that T returns to school, too. Good for you for keeping track of him and finding ways to contact him. He will appreciate all of your effort.

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