Fifty four degrees

Nice to wake up and find it 54 degrees. I went outside to get the paper and felt like I should just keep walking. Pajamas and all.

I’ve got to keep on doing what I do for another five days and then I get a break. I know we’re planning to do a lot of work down in Florida but just getting a change for a few days will be nice. Getting to sleep in and spend some time with DH. The boys are flip flopping on the trip. We don’t want to go. We do want to go. We’re not going but we might change our minds…. I don’t care either way but it might be nice for DH and I to have the place to ourselves. Even though the boys are not much trouble, we still have to consider their needs. If it’s just DH and I, it’s a lot more relaxing and I don’t have to worry about what they’ll eat, making up beds for them, or picking up after them.

So it’s Monday. Guess I’ll do my best to get through the day and then come home and bake a few big coffee cakes for my teacher training tomorrow. I present monthly trainings called Coffee Cake Sessions where I bake some coffee cake, make a pot of coffee, and invite teachers to come up to the library during their planning period or lunch period to learn about some kind of technology thingie. This month, I’m presenting PD360 for them and showing how it works. It’s an online Professional Development site that our district purchased rights to and has all kinds of training segments from classroom management to increasing the rigor in classroom lessons. Great site. Hope they enjoy taking a tour of it. My coffee cake sessions are usually pretty popular and I’ll have 60 or 70 teachers come. You know my motto: Feed them and they will come.

5:30 – Home again.  Meatloaf in the oven, green beans and potatoes boiling.  Looks like it’s gonna be one of those “down home” dinners that DH loves.  As soon as we eat and I can get the kitchen cleaned up, I’ll start baking coffee cakes.


Joy says 23rd March @ 6:52

Have a wonderful day Pat!

brseay says 23rd March @ 18:50

One more week, you can do it!!! Our spring break has been reduced to 1 day due to all of the snow days 🙁 But I’d rather make them up now than in June.

Sounds like it will be nice for just you an DH to get away. Even though it’s a working vacation it’s a different kind of work and it will feel good to get some things accomplished.

The coffee cake training is a great idea. Teachers love nothing more than free food 🙂

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